22 Sep 2012


For a lovely last day of school, we got to go out to the Royal Botanical Gardens for a science excursion! Though we had to do worksheets at some stage, we also got to roam freely and take photos of whatever we wanted, which was so much fun! I am actually so glad I brought my camera or else I would've died of not being able to take any photos at all..

It started raining while we were roaming around so we found shelter at the nearest cafe, my friend Bonnie decided to draw the coffee cup left on the table from a previous customer. She is so amazing at drawing! 

Next came the guided tour around to the education centre, the fernery and just walking around with the rest of my class to the areas required to fill the worksheets out.

Soon enough we were dismissed, so here are just some random photos along the way to Moochi. Tried the heart bokeh effect (below) in daylight, still looks so mega cool. 

The cashier spelt my name 'charni'! How dare they?! Haha, anyway, I had a pretty fun day, and this was probably one of the best excursions we had this year; it was such a great way to end the term.
Most of these pictures were taken using my prime lens, and I actually think I'm going to be using it all the time because the photos turn out better! Well, I think they do anyway.

Ciao for now,

- S x


  1. GORGEOUS photos and your friend Bonnie is definitely a talent!!


  2. Wow nice shots!


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