31 Mar 2013


.: shirt, society6 | shorts, origami doll | converses, hand-me-down :.

Sorry guys! It has been awhile since I've done an outfit post, and I apologise but I should be regularly posting soon because holidays are coming up! Anyway, I have been falling in love with graphic tanks/tees lately and have subconsciously buying a bunch of cat ones, this being one of them. I just love everything about this shirt and have probably been over-wearing it (if over-wearing something is even possible). I also dug out my converses (that my cousin gave me) today and decided that I should wear them more often! I think I'm probably digging the converse trend again. ✌ 
Lately, there have been so many things on my wishlist. I really want a pair of overalls (I am in love with overalls ahhh ♥), this cute casio watch, a pair of sandals and more graphic tees. I don't know. My wishlist is all over the place. But I'm also trying to save up money for an iPhone 5 too! Ahh, somedays I wish I were a billionaire.

Anyway, I hope you all stay well and keep smiling!
Ciao for now,
- S x

24 Mar 2013


Finaaaally, the Bathurst photo diary is up! You guys are probably sick of hearing about Bathurst (and also this is like 3 weeks late) but now it's up and I said I'd post it so hear it is! There are going to be a lot (well, it seems like a lot) of photos coming up soon so grab some popcorn and here we go!


On the bus, watching Alice in Wonderland 
 The view
 The Bathurst Sheep and Cattle Drome
 Fossil and Mineral Museum!

 The town area
 Woohoo! Mad laser party at my cabin, sorry if this hurt your eyes. 


Cowra Japanese Gardens

Koi fish!
Walking around Canowindra
Karen and Joanne! 

 Joanne and I on the busride back

Mount Panorama!
 Cool vintage car ridin' along the track on Mount Panorama
Mt.Piper Power Station

Well, that's the end of it! I hope you liked this little photo diary and right now I should be studying for my French test (which I am totally screwed for) but I'm not. Darn procrastinationnnnnn. 
Anyway, I hope you guys have a lovely week and a lovely Easter!
Stay well and keep smiling,
Ciao for now,
- S x

16 Mar 2013


.: shirt, origami doll | shorts, gifted (brand: ally) | headband, sportsgirl :.

Hey guys, this is my day 2 outfit for camp! My friends and I had so much fun taking photos (this included the above of Karen and Joanne :D) for this outfit post haha. I am a bit obsessed with this headband at the moment because it edges up any outfit! It's such a great accessory and me being an anti-headband-wearing person I was surprised that it would look great with everything. 
Oh! And also I took the time to make a tumblr a few weeks ago so you should follow me there for like really pretty photos of stuff! Not really sure what type of tumblr you'd consider it, but just check it out if you're interested haha. 
I will be posting a photo diary soon but I have been stressing out over school way too much and there is so much going on but I can't wait for you guys to see the wonderful time I had in Bathurst!

Anyway, I hope you all have a nice week and keep smiling and all that!
Ciao for now,
- S x

9 Mar 2013


.: camo jacket, gifted from my friend Nicole (who does cadets HAHAHA) | dress overalls, hand-me-down (brand: Mooloola) | shirt, jayjays | creepers, ebay | beanie, asos | stockings, daiso :.

This is my day one outfit for school camp (to Bathurst!). I must thank my friend Nicole who kindly gave me a piece of her official cadets uniform, which also happens to be a timeless trend, HAHAHA. I love it though, especially how its oversized. I also love the school vibes of this outfit, especially in love with these overalls I found the night before in my cousin's closet, I think it's the perfect pattern and the colours are great for the upcoming winter! 
Anyway, my friends Joanne and Jeanette came along with me to shoot these photos (thank you guys!) and this is actually the first time in the history of this blog that I've had someone other than my sister take my photos! We had to be extra quick (and luckily the shots turned out really well) because it would've been so embarrassing if my friends/classmates walked out of their rooms HAHAHA. Oh the things I do for my blog. 

This is Joanne and Jeanette. Aren't they cute?! Hehe I hope they don't kill me for uploading this! xoxo

Bathurst was so splendid! It was nice being away from the city and into a place where about 10 million farms  exist. I shall be posting photos of my time there soon when I've compiled all the nice photos together from the infinite I took. There will also be another Bathurst OOTD (featuring Karen :) and Joanne again) in a few days so I can spread out my posts :) 

Anyway, I hope you are all well and smiling!
Ciao for now,
- S x

6 Mar 2013


Sorry guys for the lack of posts! I have been ultra busy trying to balance out all the school work I have and everything! Arrrrgh, year 9 is hard for now. I hope to post an outfit post soon but I haven't been seeing my sister after school very often lately because I have had a lot of things I've had to do after school these days and stuff, so yeah! I apologize for lack of posts, but I made this mix just for you guys!
Well, it's my playlist at the moment and doesn't really go by any theme but I hope you may discover some new music by it :)

Anyway, to update you on what I've done apart from school work is:
1. I bought a new ASOS beanie!
2. I am heading off to my school camp tomorrow at Bathurst
3. I have been spending my 'me' time watching Mistfits (I love Robert Sheehan ahhh he's so funny)
4. Looking and admiring (but not buying) majority of the things I see online HAHA

Oooh, and here's an exclusive pic of me in my new beanie I posted on my Instagram 

Anyway, please be well and keep smiling! 
I'll be on camp for the next few days but I'll maybe do a photo diary when I get back and an outfit post should be on it's way,

Ciao for now,
- S x