30 Sep 2013

400 LUX

.: top, thifted | leather shorts, eBay | headband, DIY | bag & shoes, hand-me-downs :. 

Hello guys! 
This is an outfit I wore on a day out with two of my friends on Wednesday to Newtown! And something I just realised is that this whole outfit only cost $15 (if you exclude the money I spent on the fabric for the headband) which is so awesome HAHA. 
Anyway, I have also recently liked wearing this headband with my hair in a ponytail because 1. I have lots of baby hairs going crazy when I tie my hair up 2. My hair generally looks bad in a high ponytail so I reckon these headbands are great because they look nice and they cover up any weird hairs which leaves me with a decent-looking ponytail! 
Also, the wall in my photos is a newly painted one in my suburb! It's so great and I knew I had to feature it in my outfit post HAHA. 
I hope everyone is well and smiling,
Ciao for now,
- S x
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23 Sep 2013


.: camo jacket, gifted | muscle tee, from a place in market city | jeans, topshop | shoes, eBay :. 
lipstick: coral by savvy (i think thats the name) 

Hello everyone! I feel like I haven't posted in years, but anyway, it's finally the freaking holidays and I am feelin' pretty good! Today, I went to my friend Anna's house (she took my photos today; she is so fabulous!! thanks Anna if you read this! ♥) and we basically ate a whole lotta crepes (which were to die for) and did some other super awesome things!! 

Muscle tees are probably the best things ever for the coming summer. It's so breezy with the gigantic holes on the side and they're so lightweight that it's just such an easy option to turn to for hot days.  
And for these grungy style outfits, I can never leave the house without my orange/corally lipstick, it's just such a fun colour to wear and really brightens an outfit! 

Anyway, I hope everyone has a loooovely week and will post soon!
Stay well and keep smiling as always,
- S x

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16 Sep 2013


.: dress, runway bandits | wedges, borrowed :. 

I think intentionally running around in the rain is the best thing ever. These photos were inspired by the song Fearless by Taylor Swift, and honestly I was just like, I need to take photos of myself in a storm (or rain, I guess) in my best dress, FEARLESS. Since today was pouring with rain, and I wasn't in a very favourable mood this morning, I spontaneously thought, 'What better way to end a day with twirling around in the rain???'
So I did. And I stripped off my school uniform as soon as I got home, changed into this lovely dress and ran out madly with my camera and met my friend Fiona halfway between our houses. This shoot included the best kind of pouring rain, vigorously trying to do settings on the camera with an umbrella at hand and weird looks from strangers passing by. It was so worth it.
And Fiona was lovely to cooperate with me in the rain (while holding all my stuff, LOVE YOU LOTS!)
Anyway, you should listen to the song. And I hope you all have an enchanting week! 
(One more week till holidays for me, yesss!)
Ciao for now,
- S x

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8 Sep 2013


.: shirt, romwe | skirt, DIY | creepers, eBay :.
wearing berry queen lipstick by Rimmel 

The best thing about wacky-printed items of clothing is that they are good for lazy days. Because honestly, you just need one patterned piece of clothing and the rest as basic for the outfit to still look effortless even if there was only little effort put into it. 
Do I even need to number this take of my no-parking-sign obsession? I found even more of them today so hopefully I will not run out anytime soon! 
Also I bought this shirt on sale for $11 on romwe! I was so happy because I love this print so much despite its utter randomness but I think I may also be somewhat attracted to things that relate to the classic blue and red 3D glasses. 

Anyway, school has just been annoying because there's two weeks to go until holidays and we are expected to hand in homework and assignments on the last week (boooooooo). I just want it to be the holidays already because I can start on so many things I don't have time for at the moment!

I hope everyone has a lovely week and I'll speak soon! 
Stay well and smile as always,
- S x

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