24 Sep 2012


sunglasses, dotti / dress, my sister / shoes, vintage 

Discovered really nice, rundown, vintage looking backgrounds and houses around my neighbourhood; me and my sister were wondering why we moved into such a classy apartment when we had these nice terrace houses around the corner! 

The dress I'm wearing is one that my sister bought, and has never worn because it's too small. So, when I was roaming through her cupboard the other day, I found it and she told me I could keep it, yes! I'm a really big fan of laced sleeves. 

- S x


  1. Love this outfit! I would definitely wear it!

  2. wow, thanks for following me by the way! means so much to me :)

  3. I love this outfit!! I would wear it for sure:) Its totally my style and looks great on you! Thanks for sharing this look with us:) I just followed you and I hope you'll check out my blog and hopefully follow back if you like it. Thanks <3


  4. HAHAHA you look more mature in this one


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