28 Feb 2015


.: shirt, valleygirl | boyfriend jeans, target | booties, lipstik | hat, supre :.

Hey everyone!
So it's been actually quite awhile since I've gone for a minimalistic b/w look and I'm somewhat surprised. I've recently realised that my style actually involves a lot of colour and it's good to finally recognise that. (sounds weird, but I don't actually know how I would define my style)

This post is a flashback for me to one of my old posts (here) where I basically sat on a bin too. Bins are somehow photogenic for what they are, or maybe that's just me.
Lately I've been really freaking into the Talking Is Hard album by Walk the Moon. IT'S A MUST LISTEN. It's actually so amazing and if you loved their first album the second one is much better (in my opinion).

Anyway, that's all for now, I should probably get back to my school homework (I cry)
Hope you all have an amazing weekend and week!!

- S x

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23 Feb 2015


.: playsuit, forever 21 | sandals, rubi | arm cuff, gifted (thank you nina!!!!) :. 

This is by far my favourite post/outfit of the year! I scored this playsuit for $21 at Forever 21 and I love how it's classy and simple at the same time! Truly an effortless and timeless piece. 
The second location of this post involved "trespassing" a private property (but not really, the security guard let us so kudos to him!) and had an amazing view of the harbour and sky!! 

Anyway, my schooling has been kinda boring but luckily the transition from year 10 to 11 wasn't that big of a jump! I'm glad that I'm doing subjects that I actually want to be doing though I've found myself procrastinating more than I said I would this year (oops). 

How has school been for you guys? 

I hope you all have a lovely week!

- S x
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8 Feb 2015


.: pants, h&m | cropped top, topshop | heels, windsor smith :.

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been giving myself space to settle into the new school year! (Wishing it was still holidays!! *mega sad face*)
I bought these pants from H&M in Melbourne for $5! I've been really into chilled out outfits recently like these ones, though it's still a bit too hot for thin pants here.
Oh, and wow I've been wearing glasses (on and off, I'm short sighted) for like 3 years already and this is the first time they've appeared on this blog! HAHA. That is so weird.
Anyway, I should really get back to my work.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

- S x
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