29 Dec 2013


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photos by karen
Finally after getting a pair of white shorts I am able to compile an all-white ensemble! I've always loved the idea of everything being white; it's clean and classy and most of all, it's cool, literally, I mean white reflects quite a lot of heat which is perfect for summer!
How was Christmas for you guys? 
I had a lovely one because I went to my sister's house for lunch! Though on the downside I have been sick all week so I haven't done much else. :(

Anyway I hope you all stay well and keep smiling!
Ciao for now, 
- S x

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24 Dec 2013


.: shirt, topshop (gifted from Summer) | shorts, supre :.

Hey guys! So, holidays have basically kicked in and gosh finally having a break has been so damn good.
Karen came to sleepover today and we took a few outfits in the morning, this being one of them! (Currently 1:30am and we have been watching movies all night ^_^) 
Anyway, I love fishtail braids so much and sadly I am incapable of doing them but Karen can so YES I was really excited to finally have my hair like this; but what I am ALSO EXCITED ABOUT IS THIS SHIRT. I love it so much and I have been subconsciously wanting a printed shirt like this and Summer got one for me as a (really) late birthday present, yay!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! (1 more sleep :D) 
Ciao for now,
- S x

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15 Dec 2013


.: dress, second-hand (well bought it off someone else) | creepers, eBay :.

Hey guys! So today was just a really lazy day at home and I was practically wrapped in my blanket and lounging around all morning. I had a nice afternoon though and I absolutely adore this dress because of the cute flowers lined across my waist, it's also a super light dress that makes frolicking easy yay! 

Anyway, I named this post after my friend because it is her birthday in 30 or so minutes and she is such a cute lovely person who is also a dedicated reader of my blog and I love her a lot so this is for her! ^_^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUMMER!

I hope you all have a lovely week,
Stay well and keep smiling! 
Ciao for now,
- S x
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9 Dec 2013


.: shirt, target | shorts, eBay | socks, topshop | sandals, lipstik (gifted from a friend) :.
lipstick: manic panic lipstick in the shade raven

Hello guys! A few weeks back, I made a wonderful decision of purchasing myself some black lipstick and it is freaking rad. Having not tried it on before buying it online, my expectations of how the black lipstick would look were met and I love it so much!
Since I wear my black pleather shorts like every second day, I decided I needed to buy a pair of white ones (and seriously $10 shorts from eBay are too hard to pass up) to give myself a bit of a variety HAHA.

On the day of shooting these photos I also tried a coconut! Drinking it tasted better than I expected, though I am still not used to the texture of the flesh. 
Do you like coconuts?

Anyway, I hope you all are having a lovely week and keep smiling!
Ciao for now,
- S x

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