17 Sep 2012


My blog is pretty empty at the moment, and I'm not sure what to share since I haven't done anything new since I got this blog; so I decided to post some of these gifs that I made from my photos:

This was on the Anzac bridge and I wanted to try the light streak effect Ms. Wise told us how to do in Visual Arts!

 I actually didn't intend to make this a gif but while I was trying to get a good photo of this polaroid to put on Instagram, I was testing out which background looked the best, and I guess I had enough to make a gif :)

(put a page break in case I wreck someone's eyes by showing all of the gifs at one go, so click 'Read More..' at your own risk!)

I had to stick my polaroid album to a wall to make this turn out well, heh.

Just felt like making a gif here.- S x 

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  1. love the gifs, wish I knew how to make them! Your blog looks really cute, keep it up! :) xx


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