17 Sep 2012


This is my very first post on my blogspot, woot!
It's like 12:30am now and I am still not satisfied with these darn template settings, but right now my blog is under construction, so bare with me.
To those people who know I have a Tumblr personal blog (it will remain a secret) and is wondering why the heck I made a blogspot, well this is purely because this blogspot is going to mainly be about: 
  • about the outfits that I post on my LOOKBOOK and more photos from the shots I take from that
  • all the projects (and possibly DIYs in the near future) I take up  
  • brief daily posts. 
  • photos that I take
I guess this blog is kind of like a public portfolio in a way. 
Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy my blog, and if I know you, it'll be nice if you followed me so I get used to who's on here, and I can follow you all back, thanks!

- S x

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