31 Dec 2014


Hello friends!
It's nearing the end of 2014 (two hours left, holy) and I thought I'd make a collection of some photos I've taken thoughout December. I feel like I am leaving behind a bittersweet year and am ready (kind of) to move on to the new one! 
I wish you all a happy 2015 and I hope it's full of new opportunities and adventures! 

Love lots, 
- S x

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15 Dec 2014


 .: crop top, thrifted (for $5!!!) | skirt, eBay | boots, lipstik | hat and bag, rubi :.

Hey guys! 
I've been really loving this crop top lately and I swear some of the best pieces in my wardrobe have been market finds. Anyway, it is the last three days of school AND I AM SO READY TO GET OUT OF THERE. Unfortunately for me though, I have fallen sick with a sore throat and right now it's getting worse rather than better :-( it's been a week already. 
I don't have much else to say except the fact that I got a dreamcatcher for Secret Santa and I love it to bits! If you check out my instagram, you'll see it there, but I've been really into dreamcatchers and polaroids lately and I am so glad about it. 

I hope you all have an amazing week! 

Ciao for now,
- S x
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11 Dec 2014


Hello everyone! 
So this is moreso an artistic set of photos rather than an outfit post today, featuring one of my favourite things, fairy lights. I've always had this penchant for fairy lights (..actually who hasn't?) and how magical they appear, especially in photos. Due to yesterday's rainy weather, Fiona and I resorted in an indoor location (her house) with a spontaneous decision of entangling myself in fairy lights since she's been revamping her room.

How has everyone been? Christmas is so close!
I'l be up with a normal outfit post very soon :)

Ciao for now,
- S x
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