24 Sep 2012


Had a really fun morning with my sister around my neighbourhood shooting shots for my lookbook but those pictures will be uploaded soon!

Anyway, after I went shopping at Broadway with my friend Fiona, and it was so fun! I bought a skirt from Kmart (don't judge, when I saw it, I knew I needed to buy it!) and a dotti sunglass case for my previously hobo sunglasses that didn't have a home, but now they do! It was $10 but got reduced to $5, which is such a bonus.

Then, after a few hours of roamlessly browsing, we decided to go to Max Brenners for some chocolate fondue, it was soo delicious!

 Just random photos I took of the products they sell.

More heart bokeh because it's like my obsession at the moment.

Anyway, that was basically all I did today, I hope everyone is having really fun holidays :)

- S x

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