26 Oct 2013


.: pineapple playsuit, princess polly (gifted from a friend) | white sandals, lipstik (" " ") | bag, sportsgirl | sunglasses, easter show (lol) :.

This was last Saturday and involved a day of an awesome yard sale and exploring my neighbourhood (for like the thousandth time). 

And to be very honest, whenever I am not in my school uniform, I am wearing this pineapple playsuit. But seriously, who doesn't love a fabulous pineapple printed anything?!
Anyway, I reckon playsuits (especially with funky prints on them) are essential for the coming warm months. They are lightweight and make frolicking in the heat much easier! Almost like you're walking around naked, HAHA. 

One more exam to go! I just completed my textiles one (literally) and I honestly can't wait for the exams to end because I will BE FREE! Well, there's still like 5 more weeks of school to go... But hopefully it will be a bludge. 

I hope you are all well and smiling all the time! 
Ciao for now,
- S x

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21 Oct 2013


.: top, valleygirl | dress, factorie | creepers, eBay | socks, topshop :. 

Hey guys! Happy Monday! 

I just finished my first yearly exam that I have been dreading since last week. It feels so good to have it off my shoulders though I know when I get the marks back I will probably die of failure  and I am also at home at 11am on a school day so that feels extra relaxing as well! 
You can probably count this as a pre-halloween outfit with the creepy eyeball socks. And I am so glad I have finally found a pair of printed socks that I love; I am so picky with socks but when I saw these I basically just ran to the checkout HAHA. 

Anyway, I'm going to indulge in eating my day away and lazing around until I find it necessary to begin studying for my next exam (maths, ugh) 
I hope you all have a splendid week!
Ciao for now,
- S x

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14 Oct 2013


.: kimono, diy | lace top, thrifted | shorts, supre | shoes, eBay :. 

Hey guys! A week or two ago I spontaneously made this kimono after buying a whole heap of fabric at a fabric sale (woohoo!), and instead of creating a summery look for this outfit, I decided to think of ways in which a kimono can be worn for night outs, so this is my take on that! I think since kimonos are really flowly/loose you want the rest of your outfit to be rather fitted in order to balance the outfit out and after many clothing changes to figure out what went the best with it, I came to the conclusion high-waisted shorts and a fitted shirt would do perfectly! 
Anyway, right now I am freaking out over the exams that are set for next week and not surprisingly I have not studied and yet I feel like crap for not doing so. 
Also on a happier note, thank you to everyone who said happy birthday to meee, I had the most lovely birthday and GREAT FRIENDS who bought me nice things and wrote me nice things and everything was just very nice and I am so grateful to have the best friends ever. 

I hope everyone has a lovely weeek,
Ciao for now, 
- S x
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8 Oct 2013

ROLLING IN THE DEEP (+ mini early birthday photo diary!)

 .: shirt, valleygirl | skirt, kmart | flower crown, DIY :. wearing berry queen by rimmel london 

Hello guys! This is an outfit I wore to an early birthday party my friend Effat organised for me (THANK YOU SO MUCH IF YOU READ THIS HONESTLY ♥) and it was at an Indian restaurant with a room hire + karaoke! Today is the last day of my school holidays and this was actually the best way to spend a last day! 
We had fun singing to awesome songs (almost lost my voice, we sang Rolling In The Deep twice but it was such a highlight), twirling around to the smoke from the smoke machine, eating yum food + cake and JUST REALLY HAD FUN WITH EACH OTHER'S COMPANY! Below is a mini photo diary that captured my night and I had so much fun and am so exhausted right now, I just had to edit this before I sleep! It is already past midnight so yeah. 

Eeek, it's my birthday in 2 days though (the 9th) and I am just feeling very blessed to have so many lovely people celebrating it with me (I also get to watch MA 15+ movies in cinema now, YES! HAHA) and also, tomorrow (the 8th) is the first day of wearing the senior uniform for me and I am feeling neutral towards the uniform change but somewhat terrified I having reached another milestone in my life. 

Anyway, I will probably post again on my birthday but for now, enjoy these photos from the night, below! 

Keep smiling as always, 
- S x