31 Jul 2014


.: lace top, thrifted | overalls, etsy | shoes, temt | flower crown, lovisa :.

I feel like this outfit really captures the past 2 years really well for me. It reminds me of my thrifting phase but also this outfit was worn on a really weird occasion that I don't think I can make myself forget. Lately, I've been strangely reminiscent of the past and have been reminded of many things and memories and people. I can't say it's entirely a good thing. 

Anyway, I went to The 1975 concert last night, and wow that was one of the best concert experiences I've had (if you exclude the unbreathable and hot nature of being in the midst of the mosh pit). There were hectic white strobe lights and intense beats; The 1975 are definitely a good band to watch in concert. OH, and I also had the pleasure of seeing the behind the scenes of Fame and Partners' campaign for their newest collection (coming out in August, I think)! It was so cool and exclusive and I really thank them for inviting me; it's tough that I didn't bring my camera though. 

I hope you all had a great week and I'll be uploading soon.
Stay well and keep smiling,
- S x

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26 Jul 2014


.: shirt c/o killer condo | jacket, vintage | skirt, paper scissors :.

Hey guys! 

My liking for this shirt is largely based around Jenn from clothesencounters and her oversized, smiley print tees. I've always had a thing for the melting design aesthetic and I think this is just a really cheeky shirt
that I've found myself being reminded of the "Smile, you're on camera" surveillance signs in stores.

 I am procrastinating a whole lot lately with my schoolwork and to be honest I am not even sure how the days have passed this week. My days have been an embodiment of peppermint chocolate eating (thanks Effat and Sam for feeding my obsession!), subject selection and formal talk, and a whole lot of angst. One thing I am really glad about is that I have finally settled on subjects I'm picking for year 11, and after a whole lot of indecisiveness over the past few weeks, I am happy with what I've picked (and I sure do hope I enjoy all my subjects next year).

Anywho, I am going to keep this short because I need to continue on with an English research task (well, try to.)
I hope you're all well and smiling!

Ciao for now,
- S x

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23 Jul 2014


.: dress c/o fame and partners | wedges, borrowed | clutch, (gifted from friend) bardot :.

Hey guys! I was so lucky to be sent this dress (called 'Angel Dust') from Fame & Partners a couple weeks back and I honestly feel like 10x classier than I actually am, and a bride of some sort. I am absolutely in love with the sheer panels along the back and the volume in the skirt is amazing! 
I must say I've never owned such a classy dress but I think white based outfits are some of my favourites because they always look so put together. This dress reminds me of the Year 10 formal that is coming up for me in a few months and is getting me in the mood to prepare for that! 

Anyway, how have you all been? School's back and after a really rough past week with frantic essay writing, I have finally felt calmer this week since there's nothing really due yet. Something I am really looking forward to is seeing The 1975 in concert in a week and a half! Is anyone else attending their Sydney concert? I can't wait to see Matty Healy in real life eep! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and there will be another blog post soon!
Ciao for now,
- S x

P.S. I am having troubles with my .com domain so I am deciding whether I want to keep it or not. For now, I will be using .blogspot.com/ sorry for the confusion!

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14 Jul 2014


.: shirt, topshop | skort, paper heart | booties, lipstik :.

Heyo everyone! 

So, wow, I have finally bought myself a .com domain! This is somewhat weird but exciting, and I suddenly feel so much more official than I was before even though nothing has changed ha ha. 
BUT ALSO. I need some help, when going through to my blog using my old url (http://shannisideup.blogspot.com/) there's some random redirect page and I just want it to auto-redirect to my new URL so yeah, if anyone could let me know how to get rid of that (in the comments) that would be greaaaat! 

Anyway, I've had a real big adoration for cropped tops ever since a few months ago and my collection is slowly growing. I found this cute top from Topshop the other day and wow I absolutely love the colour and the texture! I haven't been finding any nice basic tops lately but this one was definitely a nice addition. 
A random thing to do with today's post is this Grill'd burger bag, AND IT LOOKS SO ODD, but yes it was my lunch, but how nice is the packaging? Sydney-siders, you guys should definitely check out Grill'd if you're into fancy burgers (this is not sponsored by the way HAHAHAH) and aesthetically appealing packaging. 

I cannot believe today is the last day of school holidays and I am not prepared of what's to come in the next school term. Though, I have promised to not let myself be overcome by my stress/sorrow today but I want to say good luck to everyone! And hope that no one freaks out too much! 

I hope you all have a great week,
Ciao for now,
- S x

I just also realised that by getting a new domain, it might be a good idea to follow me on this bloglovin link! 
Thank you!

P.S. The song in the title today is "Living In Another World" by Neon Trees, but wow it is my mood song at the moment and you guys all need to listen to it. Here is the link.

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