21 Jul 2013


.: jumper, vintage | jeans, dotti | shoes, ebay :.

I find it so hard to believe that this freaking jumper that I'm wearing goes well with everything (and I mean it) so I actually wore it for the whole duration of my holiday. I really love the colour of it though and I wish I had more but it's hard to find jumpers like this nowadays because they're all low-cut! I love all the colours in this outfit as well because of the 'faded' look they have. 

I hope you're all well and smiling heaps!
Ciao for now,
- S x

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16 Jul 2013


.: bomber jacket & striped chiffon, valleygirl | shorts, thrifted | creepers, ebay :.

Well, well.. It's back to school for me! Really dreading this term though because I just feel really unmotivated (actually maybe that's me all the time) to do any school work and sometimes I just don't like school because it makes me sort of lose interest in subjects and I might like. Anyway, back to this outfit, I decided to pattern clash today; but I like the look of it since the shirt runs parallel with the jacket so it doesn't really clash as much. And with the outfit following a blue, white and black colour palette I really like this outfit!

Also I bought Marina and the Diamond's Electra Heart album the other day and it is by far one of the best albums ever. I just like the funkiness and sarcastic nature of all the songs and was actually blasting the album while shooting this outfit and Marina is just so sassy and the songs just put me in such a happy mood haha! (You guys should check the songs out!!)

Well I hope you all will have a lovely week and I have a new outfit post coming up soon! 
Keep smiling as always,
- S x 

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11 Jul 2013


Hi GUYS! These are the photos I've taken of my friends who have kindly volunteered to be part of my holiday photography projects! This is basically the thing I've been talking about in my posts recently, and I'm really happy with how they turned out! Under this new 8tracks mix I've made of all the songs I have currently been listening to so far AND the pagebreak ARE ALL MY FAVOURITE SHOTS! I hope you enjoy and don't mind posts like this which are not the usual outfit post, but anyway, a lot of effort has gone into these shots and I just want to share them with you! 
Anyway, click READ MORE to see the shots and I will talk to you guys very soon on my next outfit post! 

Hope you are all well, smiling, and are having a magnificent week!
- S x

8 Jul 2013


.: velvet top, thrifted | leather shorts and creepers, eBay | flower crown, DIY | socks, gifted (topshop) :.

Well, yesterday I went to Cockatoo Island with the lovely Anna and we were there to take photos of her (for the photography portfolio I am building; mentioned in my previous post) and we were surrounded by beautiful rundown warehouses that used to be used for industrial purposes and other photo-worthy things! I have decided to create a master-post of all my favourite shots from the photos I've taken these holidays when I've done them all so stay tuned!  Though in the meantime, follow my instagram: shannni_ for previews of these and daily photos! :) :)
Oh, and lately I have been sucked into the flower-crown making phase though all my flower crowns keep falling apart (ooOooOps) because I am too lazy to purchase a glue gun and have been surviving on florist tape. HAHA anyway, that was pretty random, I hope you all stay well and keep SMILING!
Ciao for now,
- S x

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3 Jul 2013


(giant pizzas!! they were so amazing) 

 (me and the birthday girl, Brenda!)
.: dress, paper hearts (from a shop called high tide) | wedges, rubi (borrowed from my friend) | clutch, bardot (gifted from brenda herself HAHA for my birthday) | velvet jacket thingo, thrifted :.

HEY GUYS, I am so sorry for not posting for so long! I have been extremely busy and simply had no time to really take any outfit posts. I have also been building up a photography portfolio and have dedicated this school holidays to compile it! I am really excited for the rest of them which include my friends Wendy, Rachael and Anna as my models yay! I have just finished two sets of photos (with my friend Nina) and I will probably share my favourite photos soon! 
ANYWAY, BACK TO THIS POST, yesterday I went to my friend Brenda's (oh gosh I've mentioned so many names in this post, sorry.) birthday party! As you can see from the above photos it included giant pizzas (which is always a plus) and a semi-formal theme! I went with this white dress (I adore the hi-low of the dress and especially the cutouts) that I bought from this store for $10! So worth it. I paired it off with nude heels to keep it simple and this beautiful bird clutch that I have been dying to use! Brenda looked so stunning (she is the other girl pictured with me in the photos) and I just want to wish her a very happy birthday! 

I will be posting very very soon. Stay tuned. 
Keep smiling and be well,
Ciao for now,
- S x 
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