13 Feb 2013


.: vest, valleygirl (gifted) | dress, temt | bag, sportsgirl | wedges, borrowed | rimmel lipstick 'Berry Queen' :.

As we all know, tomorrow is Valentines Day! or Single Awareness Day, whichever you prefer. My valentine this year (and every year until I get a boyfriend HAHA) is my lovely friend Nina and I am so excited to give her my gift! Anyway, I am a major sucker for anything that's vintage and I honestly wish I wore it more often, but when I saw this dress and the price I immediately tried it on and bought it! I reckon this is probably what I'd wear on a Valentine's day date because it's sweet and cute and dresses are totally appropriate. 
I honestly hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's day this year whether you do spend it with that significant other or your friends!

I hope you all stay well and keep smiling,
Ciao for now,
- S x

2 Feb 2013


.: lace top, thrifted/secondhand | skirt, romwe | booties, rubi :.

This has to honestly be my favourite top. I picked it up from Newtown for $5 because this girl was selling her clothes from her house near this market (I know, sounds dodgy, but I'm so lucky to have found it HAHA). I love lace so much, it's just really feminine and shows the right amount of skin. This outfit was taken awhile ago and I wasn't going to upload them because they weren't that great but when I went to Karen's house the other day, she said they weren't bad and that I should upload them; so here they are! I went nude with the shoes because I just love pairing nude shoes with a black outfit! It's a trend I've always loved. 
Anyway, school's kicked in again and I just wish I could turn back time so I could lounge around watching countless youtube videos again. Ah, the good days. 

I hope everyone is well and smiling everyday!
Ciao for now,
- S x