30 Aug 2013


.: dress, diy (for a textiles project) | wedges, borrowed | lipstick: berry queen by rimmel :.

Hey everyone! This is the dress that I made for my recent textiles project which consisted of making a summer dress! 
My dress was based around the general innocent imagination with the vivid flowers almost erupting out of the chest region, similarly how we picture fantasies in our head and take a lot of them to heart. As little kids, we would've done this a lot and this dress (for me) captures those nostalgic memories of all the pure hopes and dreams I used to have. This leads to the name 'the secret garden', which is what I call that little place in all our hearts that bloom with those nostalgic memories and an innocent vulnerability every time we think about it; it's our refuge almost, a 'secret garden' in our hearts where no one can interfere with those emotions and vivid flowers we choose to plant there. (This probably doesn't make any sense to you guys HAHAHA very bad at phrasing things sorry)

My dress fashion drawing (I know this is verrrrrry out of proportion BUT HEY, FIRST SERIOUS ISH FASHION DRAWING)

Anyway, while I was out shooting these photos with my friend Fiona (who has been taking my past few outfit posts!!!) (thanks Fi if you read this!) we came across this FLUFFY CAT and the owner came around after a bit and he showed me how to hold the cat (very inexperienced I do not have any pets) AND IT WAS THE SOFTEST AND CUDDLIEST THING EVER here's a pic of me holding it!

Anyway, tell me what you think of my dress in the comments! I am overall very happy with it because I had to modify it a bit so I could add the floral chiffon insert SO YEAH!

I hope you all have a great weekend and keeep smiling!
Ciao for now,
- S x

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25 Aug 2013


.: overalls, etsy | shirt, T-Bar | boots, eBay | bunny wire headband, DIY (I posted a tutorial here) :.

And yes, that was said by the absolutely gorgeous Jace Wayland (or whatever surname you prefer), and on Thursday I without a doubt skipped school so I could watch the first session of, yes the movie I have been spazzing about, City of Bones.

(the next paragraph that I asterisked will be talking about City Of Bones and if you are not interested then skip it hahaha) 

*Oh my gosh. MY heart has not been at rest for the past few days and by the time you guys would read this post, I will probably be in the cinema watching it again. I honestly cannot express how happy and emotionally unstable I have been. A few people didn't have this movie live up to their expectations.. and I think if you are going to watch it you should expect that, but I absolutely adored it and the more I think about it the more I love it. I have honestly loved all these characters and know them (almost) inside out and seeing them in a real visual form just did it for me. I love the cast so much as well and they are like a little family and since Thursday I have watched countless interviews and sighhhh tHEY ARE JUST AMAZING AND EVERYTHING ♥ I'll stop now before I get carried away.*

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely week, I know I have. I basically had 2 days off school this week and I have done a whole bunch of homework and had time to take these outfit photos so I feel like my life is somewhat on a good track! I have been awestruck, happy and just simply amazed all at once for the past few days and I cannot shake the feeling. Isn't it weird how simple things in life [the CoB movie heh] can really make you feel at your best? Anyway, I also recently bought these awesome transparent boots off eBay and they are the best ever. Why decide what colour boots to buy WHEN THEY CAN BE ANY COLOUR YOU WANT ACCORDING TO YOUR SOCKS? Yes. Now I'll probably be going on a sock-buying rampage (h-ello Topshop!)
This is also take 3 of my full-blown parking sign obsession and I honestly hope I have not run out of places to shoot parking photos because they are just fabulous and photo-worthy.

Anyway, this is a super long post but I hope all you lovelies have the most amazing week and I'll talk soon xoxo
Stay well and keep smiling as always, 
- S x

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19 Aug 2013

KISS WITH A FIST (+ Tavi talk and meeting Izzy!)

.: turban headband thingo(??), diy | shirt, origami doll | leather shorts & shoes, eBay :.

Pictures from the Tavi talk!
A photo with Tavi!
Meeting Izzy with Karen

Yay! This was my OOTD for yesterday's VERY eventful day! I got to meet one of my favourite bloggers Izzy from Views Of Now with Karen which was so SO fun!!!!! (Cannot explain my excitement in words sorry) and then I went to the Tavi talk at the Opera House! All the pictures are above as you can see and I had the best day! I was so happy that I got to meet Tavi and also since she's in love with Taylor Swift as well I had a mini spazz to her and everything!! Exciting day!!
This is a really badly flowing blog post I'm sorry my words are not flowing as well as usual because my head is just filled with so much excitement and EVERYTHING! So much happened in one day and yeah I don't know.
I also made this turban thingo (what are they called?) very recently with fabric I bought from a mega fabric stall SO YEAH!
Anyway my words are NOT in my favour at the moment, so I'll leave it at that.

Stay well and keep smiling,
Ciao for now,
- S x

P.S 3 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE CITY OF BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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11 Aug 2013


.: jumper, vintage | leggings, eBay | headband, Sportsgirl | wedges, borrowed :.

And yes, I found another one of these vintage jumpers! (thank god for sisters that grew up in the 90s) I have also been wearing this one non-stop because who wouldn't? They are the comfiest things ever. 
This is probably take #2 of outfit posts with a sign that infers 'no parking', the 1st being my previous one, but seriously, why are these signs so photogenic? Or is it just me that thinks so? *curious*

Anyway, the sun has been coming out lately and I am very happy about that (even though it's winter? don't ask, Sydney weather is the craziest) because it means that I can really just put anything on.
OOOOH, and also next week I will be going to the Tavi Gevinson talk at the Opera House and I am really excited about it!
AND THEN THE WEEK AFTER IS WHEN CITY OF BONES IS COMING OUT IN THEATERS (it is actually my life, that is probably all you need to know about me honestly) (they [all of Cassandra Clare's books] makes me emotionally unstable all the time)

Enough about my fangirl life (HAHAHA) I hope you all will have a splendid week and I'll talk to you guys very soon! And keep smiling as always!

Ciao for now,
- S x

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