30 Sep 2012


 .: long-sleeve shirt, jay jays | skirt, kmart | booties, rubi | necklace, lovisa | bag, sportsgirl :. 

Called this PANIC CORD because it just clicked! It's actually an amazing song by Gabrielle Aplin and it's been on replay all day, and is currently stuck in my head at the very moment of me writing this post (check it out!).

Anyway, I wore this outfit on an early birthday celebration to karaoke with my sister, her boyfriend and my family friend and I just thought this very outfit needed to be on my blog, and here it is! I really love the flow of the skirt I bought, on a windy day, it makes you feel so free, and is quite sophisticated for something from Kmart (since it sort of has the no-go zone feel to it when it comes to clothes), but being very honest, Kmart has much improved from the style they had a couple of years ago.
And also, just thought I'd mention that my necklace was $5 from a lovisa sale section, score! I'm actually so glad I bought it because it really glams any basic outfit up, and I wear it a lot, especially with this black long-sleeve top, or a white chiffon; really matches.

Here are a couple more shots I really liked, it was in a different location to the photos above so yeah.

Well, I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and happy mid-autumn festival to anyone out there that celebrates it!

Ciao for now,
- S x

25 Sep 2012


Untitled #3

A few of the things I need in my wardrobe right now! Saw really cute denim vests at factorie the other day,
but it's totally out of my budget.. Oh well, I guess I'll wait until I can find one in a sale :)

- S x

24 Sep 2012


sunglasses, dotti / dress, my sister / shoes, vintage 

Discovered really nice, rundown, vintage looking backgrounds and houses around my neighbourhood; me and my sister were wondering why we moved into such a classy apartment when we had these nice terrace houses around the corner! 

The dress I'm wearing is one that my sister bought, and has never worn because it's too small. So, when I was roaming through her cupboard the other day, I found it and she told me I could keep it, yes! I'm a really big fan of laced sleeves. 

- S x


Had a really fun morning with my sister around my neighbourhood shooting shots for my lookbook but those pictures will be uploaded soon!

Anyway, after I went shopping at Broadway with my friend Fiona, and it was so fun! I bought a skirt from Kmart (don't judge, when I saw it, I knew I needed to buy it!) and a dotti sunglass case for my previously hobo sunglasses that didn't have a home, but now they do! It was $10 but got reduced to $5, which is such a bonus.

Then, after a few hours of roamlessly browsing, we decided to go to Max Brenners for some chocolate fondue, it was soo delicious!

 Just random photos I took of the products they sell.

More heart bokeh because it's like my obsession at the moment.

Anyway, that was basically all I did today, I hope everyone is having really fun holidays :)

- S x

22 Sep 2012


For a lovely last day of school, we got to go out to the Royal Botanical Gardens for a science excursion! Though we had to do worksheets at some stage, we also got to roam freely and take photos of whatever we wanted, which was so much fun! I am actually so glad I brought my camera or else I would've died of not being able to take any photos at all..

21 Sep 2012


My sister bought this perfect dress the other day, and she really loves it so she displays it in her room, as shown :) It's so cute! She's saving it for a wedding so she hasn't worn it yet.

When I saw it just hanging there I really felt like taking a photo of it, so here it is! 
I photoshopped it a tinsy bit, because I was trying these effects out, but I guess it hardly looks much different from the real image.

20 Sep 2012


My cousin is so nice, she let me have her Sportsgirl canvas sidebag!
Okay, I already have a striped version of this.. But it's broken; though I like this one better anyway.

I know I'm going to be using it a lot because it's the absolute perfect size for my polaroid and it's such a match-able bag that goes with so many outfits, and it has such a vintage look to it, can't wait to use it!

19 Sep 2012


Yesterday (technically 2 days ago because I am posting at an un-godly hour) was our school's Spring themed civi day to raise money for Stewart House!
I made a flower crown because daisy chains are too mainstream for me, and I was surprised I didn't see many people all dressed up, a lot of people just worse mufti or wore something floral.

Anyway, after school me and my friend Fiona decided to walk through Darling Harbour to get home because we wanted to browse the Harbourside, but on our way we stopped by at the really pretty Chinatown alleyway! I am obsessed with it, I think it's one of my favourite places, even walking through it just satisfies me. Couldn't resist but to take yet another polaroid of the babies floating in the air, and Fiona insisted on taking a polaroid of me just standing with the swirls behind me, so yeah. 

Well, that was pretty much all I did on my civi day! 

- S x

17 Sep 2012


My blog is pretty empty at the moment, and I'm not sure what to share since I haven't done anything new since I got this blog; so I decided to post some of these gifs that I made from my photos:

This was on the Anzac bridge and I wanted to try the light streak effect Ms. Wise told us how to do in Visual Arts!

 I actually didn't intend to make this a gif but while I was trying to get a good photo of this polaroid to put on Instagram, I was testing out which background looked the best, and I guess I had enough to make a gif :)

(put a page break in case I wreck someone's eyes by showing all of the gifs at one go, so click 'Read More..' at your own risk!)


This is my very first post on my blogspot, woot!
It's like 12:30am now and I am still not satisfied with these darn template settings, but right now my blog is under construction, so bare with me.
To those people who know I have a Tumblr personal blog (it will remain a secret) and is wondering why the heck I made a blogspot, well this is purely because this blogspot is going to mainly be about: 
  • about the outfits that I post on my LOOKBOOK and more photos from the shots I take from that
  • all the projects (and possibly DIYs in the near future) I take up  
  • brief daily posts. 
  • photos that I take
I guess this blog is kind of like a public portfolio in a way. 
Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy my blog, and if I know you, it'll be nice if you followed me so I get used to who's on here, and I can follow you all back, thanks!

- S x