18 Nov 2014


.: dress, cotton on (gifted from a friend) | sandals, rubi :.
Hello everyone!
I am writing this post while being away at some remote town in NSW for their artesian aquatic centre. The good parts of this trip are: riding a Countrylink train with fabulous view, being in a fancy motel(!!) and of course, missing 3 days off school, heck yes. The bad thing about this trip is that I have constantly been surrounded by old people in bathing suits that I almost feel like old age is dawning on me. Wow.
So this is a chill outfit I wore a week ago to Sculptures by the Sea! I have never really been a fan of V-necks for my body-type though after receiving this as a gift, I've appreciated them a lot more. I've decided that most of my spring/summer outfits are gonna be me binge-wearing all my dresses and wearing the same sandals I've been wearing in like, all my recent posts ha. (((I need new shoes urgently)))

Anywho, I hope you've all had a great week and hopefully will post soon!
- S x

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3 Nov 2014


.: dress, dailylook | sandals, rubi | flower crown, lovisa :. 

Hey everyone! 
I recently bought this dress after searching clothing site after clothing site, hoping one of them would have the dress and one in my size. (yes, I was REALLY that determined HAHA) I found it first on Nastygal for sale but they only had M or L! Thank god that some sites have the exact same style of clothing because I ended up finding it on Dailylook IN MY SIZE. I was so ecstatic!!!!
 I love this dress to bits and I think it's going to be my staple this summer due to its  flowy and lightweight nature. I love the bohemian and ethereal vibes this dress gives and paired with the flower crown, I am reminded of Lana Del Rey.
Something else that has reminded me of Lana recently has been the song Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift from her new album 1989. I have been waiting so long for this album and it is safe to say that it met up to my expectations!!!!! Wildest Dreams has to be one of my favourites though along with Clean, Blank Space, I Know Places.. and I'll stop there before I find myself naming every song on the album HAHA.
It's definitely worth a listen and I guess that album has been mainly what I have been listening to (and talking about - the lyrics are great) since I have last posted, what has been on your playlist lately?

I hope you all have a chill week!
Keep smiling and stay safe,
- S x

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