19 Sep 2012


Yesterday (technically 2 days ago because I am posting at an un-godly hour) was our school's Spring themed civi day to raise money for Stewart House!
I made a flower crown because daisy chains are too mainstream for me, and I was surprised I didn't see many people all dressed up, a lot of people just worse mufti or wore something floral.

Anyway, after school me and my friend Fiona decided to walk through Darling Harbour to get home because we wanted to browse the Harbourside, but on our way we stopped by at the really pretty Chinatown alleyway! I am obsessed with it, I think it's one of my favourite places, even walking through it just satisfies me. Couldn't resist but to take yet another polaroid of the babies floating in the air, and Fiona insisted on taking a polaroid of me just standing with the swirls behind me, so yeah. 

Well, that was pretty much all I did on my civi day! 

- S x

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