29 Jan 2014


.: lace top, second hand | shorts, valleygirl | boots, therapy (via shoe box) | headband, sportsgirl :. 

The holidays went by so quickly and I really wish they could start all over again!!!
Anyway, I think this lace top along with my thunder shirt  are probably my best market finds, at $5 each as well! 

I hope you all have a great week and survive school I suppose HAHA
Ciao for now,
- S x
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19 Jan 2014


.: dress, elle tassy | boots, therapy (via shoe box) :.

I feel like this dress would probably be what I'd wear to a festival/concert or maybe even a roadtrip outfit with an added floppy hat. It's lightweight, has amazing back cut-outs and really flowy; I can't help but feel carefree and spontaneous whilst wearing it! This is why I have interlinked this outfit with the song 1983 by Neon Trees because that song has literally been the bane of my existence for the past month and makes me really hyper and happy. 

Anyway, I am currently trying my hardest to block out any thoughts relating to school for the past few days because, yes, school is creeping up in less than a fortnight. How tragic. *tries to repress miserable thoughts* 

ON A HAPPIER NOTE, I hope all of you have been having lovely holidays!! I have been spending my days recovering by reading magazines, listening to music on loudspeaker (really loudly) and drinking decaf iced coffees! 

Stay well and keep smiling,
- S x

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14 Jan 2014


.: shorts, eBay | top, topshop | heels, windsor smith | necklace, lovisa :.

I often find myself in a situation where everything I pick out of my wardrobe for an outfit ends up being the same colour (mainly black) and I think a simple solution to this is statement necklaces. And a good way to compile a monochrome outfit is by working with textures and a good way to jazz up a plain one is with the aforementioned statement necklace! (I hope this made sense) Anyway, this is just me playing around with a different bottoms. 

One of the only things I really wanted for Christmas were these freaking heels. As a no-heel-wearing kinda person, it is extremely rare for me to even want a pair of heels as much as I wanted these ones, BUT THEY'RE JUST SO PRETTY. So I got them on sale with the $100 I got from my mum for Christmas hooray! After troubles with the shipping they finally arrived yesterday which was basically a calling for a new outfit post, so yes here it is! HAHA. 
Anyway, if you have been following my Instagram you would have known that I was hospitalised from last Thursday to this Monday because I had a 90% lung collapse and I had to get an operation and so forth. :( It was a really weird experience and I am so glad to be back home but a part of me still misses how the hospital made me realise how much I appreciated the simple things in life because being in hospital means I was restricted from doing things normally and it sucked a lot. On a lighter note, my friends and family and some of you guys on Instagram have been super supportive and I thank you all if you read this! 

I hope you all have a lovely week and stay well and keep smiling!
Ciao for now,
- S x

P.S. It would also be really lovely if you liked my GLORY AND GORE post on Teen Vogue Fashion Click here >> http://fashionclick.teenvogue.com/post/glory-and-gore_1386579167 (well if you genuinely DID like the outfit) THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

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9 Jan 2014


wearing: floppy hat from Rubi, shorts from Valleygirl and shirt from a small boutique

The Beach

On Our Lunch Break

Roaming The Residential Area

Going Back Home! 

photos were mostly taken by Fiona and I took a few :) 

The 6th of January involved travelling out of Sydney and into Stanwell Park by train! It was a slightly spontaneous trip but it was so good to go somewhere new (and being out of Sydney was a relief because same old everything)
Fiona and I started off by visiting the beach and being the prepared people we were, we went on this trip both wearing converses (only because we thought we'd be walking a lot and weren't thinking about a beach day) and in the midst of us getting our photo taken by the beach, the water washed up high onto the tide and got both our feet wet! So we had to continue our day in damp shoes and socks.
Next, we took a lunch break and had it at a really nice cafe called Palms Cafe (which I would really recommend if heading there!). We chose the slow-roasted honey mustard beef on damper and IT WAS SO DELICIOUS, I personally think food is the highlight of travelling to new places and this place did not let me down.
Then we basically roamed the neighbourhood and just looped around until we got back to the train station and we took a train back home!
It was such a fun trip and despite walking around with wet shoes I really enjoyed going somewhere different woohooo.

ALSO, since this is a new year I would like to ask for suggestions for post ideas and/or questions you may have! So (not sure how many people actually read this blog but) if you have anything feedback or ideas for me to improve my blog OR if you have any questions that I can accumulate for a FAQ kinda page in the future then please leave them in the comments or my ask.fm!

(and love you for sticking around with me and reading my blog ♥)

Stay well and keep smiling! 
Ciao for now,
- S x

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