22 Oct 2012


Recently I've been browsing the shops on the weekend and I got yet another birthday gift from my friend, so here are my newest possessions (hence the title).

A really good friend of mine got me this frankie diary that I was really wanting for next year, for my birthday! She spent so much effort to buy it online for me, and I am so grateful :) 
I love it to pieces, the design inside is just perfect, filled with tonnes of water-colour doodles and all, and very frankie-like (obviously); I really recommend it if you're looking for a pretty diary to use in 2013 that has pretty designs to enlighten your day! 
It's such a perfect size too, like it's not too big and it's not so small that you can't write much in it; and who doesn't love hardcovers? 

On Sunday, I went browsing shops with my friend Nicole (we basically always go out on Sundays because we go to church together) and as I remembered the buy 1 get 1 free deal they're having at Priceline for Rimmel London products, I knew we had to go! 
I really wanted to buy a sort of natural colour rather than the bizarre red lipstick I just love wearing, so I bought this 'Guest List' colour because it really suited me. Nicole bought a really nice sparkly coral one (forgot the name) that perfectly suited her, and so we could get such a great offer. 

 I have a real big obsession for lipstick and I just love wearing it when I feel like dressing up a bit or it's a special occasion, it just makes me feel better, in a way!

These are my two favourites at the moment, the one I just purchased and also the bizarre red lipstick I mentioned before (and that I have worn in my outfit posts), even though they are drugstore lipsticks, I really like Rimmel London because they have a really nice range of colours to suit different skintones, and they are really affordable! Honestly, I cannot really tell the difference between MAC and any other lipstick, but Rimmel is enough for me. 

This is a polaroid I took of a herb/flower stand up the road from my house on Saturday. When I saw it I knew I had to take a polaroid of it, so I literally just went back home and came back just to take it; but I reckon it turned out really well. 

Aaand here's a random gif of me being a total nutter (great way to show myself to strangers on the internet), and no, I do not do this in my spare time normally HAHA. 

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a really good start to the week (though it's Monday) and I hope you have been smiling and having fun! 

Ciao for now,
- S x

P.S I can't wait till tomorrow to buy the physical copy of RED (Taylor Swift's new album) from JB Hi-Fi! I personally just dislike buying whole albums on iTunes, I like having the lyric booklet in print. 

Okay, I tend to ramble on, sorry, but if you want a good song to listen to, I really recommend 'Everything Has Changed' from the album! Ed Sheeran is featuring in it, and it is an amazing song. Here's the link, you won't regret it.  

20 Oct 2012


.: chiffon top, valleygirl | comic leggings, ebay | booties, rubi | gold necklace, lovisa :.

Wow, today is such a hot day! Even the wind is hot, but luckily my house is naturally cool so I don't even need air-conditioning! 
Anyway, this is an outfit I wear out a lot, I love how the leggings can just be matched with something really basic, or else you may get a really bad pattern clash. They are super comfortable too and I even find myself wearing them at home when the weather is a bit colder.

I hope everyone has had a lovely week! Mine was alright, since I'm stressing over some assignments yet I'm still not bothered to put my 100% in them (story of my life). So yeah, I got some results back and I was a bit disappointed, so I am determined to do better this term in terms of how much effort I put into all my work! 
Plus, I have yearly exams next next week and even though year 8 is no big deal (as everyone tells me), I am still so worried about them. 

Okay, enough about my stressing!

I hope you are all well, and if you're not, smile and laugh and have a bit of fun!

Ciao for now, 
- S x

11 Oct 2012


.: dress, stylehub*| vest, valleygirl* | necklace, sisters | heels, china* | rose, kmart :.

So, since Tuesday was my birthday, my lovely friends got me lovely gifts! Most of my outfit was gifted and are some of the most amazing things in my wardrobe at the moment, and believe it or not, my rose was only $2! It wasn't even on sale (I think), but you can probably get the same thing from a store like Sportsgirl for $10; cheap, I'd say. 
Anyway, today I felt like going for a pastel/vintage look but I think it turned a bit casual. The red lipstick against the pastel colours was inspired by her, because she just pulls it off so well (and I clearly do not pull it off as well as she does)! She is actually one of my favourite people on the internet, so check her out.

I hope everyone is having as good as a week as I'm having! There are a few outfits I have in mind that I will be taking photos of, and hopefully they'll be up really soon *fingers crossed*

Ciao for now,
- S x
* - from friends

9 Oct 2012


I am officially fourteen because today (9th October) is my birthday!

I had such an amazeballs day at school and my friends really made me feel so special by bombarding me with presents and even planning a cake for me! I felt so spoilt! I couldn't ask for better friends!
I was smiling so much today and saying 'thank you' so much, it was such a cool experience having my birthday on a school day (because it's usually in a holiday), but I think it's been one of my best birthday's yet!

Got a random from my school to take a photo of me and all my friends that joined me for delicious strawberry cake! And yes, my school uniform is brown; unattractive, I know.

These are only part of the presents my friend's got me, and I will upload pics of them another time because it's night time and the photos look bad!

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a great October the 9th, because I know I did! So far it's the favourite day of the year for me (obviously).

Ciao for now,
- S x

7 Oct 2012


As all us Sydneysiders know, (or perhaps Australians) TOPSHOP opened officially on the 4th October, and I took my chance to visit it today!

There were heaps of people here and they even had to use those barricade-ribbon-sort things to guide us through to the entrance, crazy! But I was warmly welcomed in by the sales assistants and they gave me complimentary TOPSHOP totebag. I was amazed by the beauty of the place, the style is mad; a mix of basics, hipster, sophisticated and vintage, like all of the trendy styles right now, mixed in one store! Though I can't imagine myself buying anything from there anytime soon because it is just way too expensive.

Me and my friend had so much fun trying to guess the prices of each piece of clothing we liked, and we were so amusingly shocked at everything that was under $40! But I guess the prices are similar to stores like Sportsgirl, I think the classy-ness and the new-ness is still fresh in people's minds, so it's illusionally better than other stores. 

I think the only things I benefited out of going to TOPSHOP is discovering how many more things I want on my wishlist and how students get a 10% discount all year round, yes! I have put on my bucket list that I need to buy something from TOPSHOP that is over $50, and to be honest, I'd probably be so proud of purchasing it haha, teenage excitement at it's best. 

Anyway, I recommend all of you visit TOPSHOP soon, but maybe go from about 10-11 or in a week or two, when the hype has died down, so you can actually move around at a normal pace! The styles they sell are really wow though, I swear there will be something on your wishlist by the end of the day!

Ciao for now,
- S x

3 Oct 2012


Yesterday I went over to my friend Nicole's house to make cupcakes! We had so much fun and we talked about everything! I love hanging out with Nicole because we laugh, joke and talk (seriously) about everything which is really nice to have a friend like that :)

Anyway, we got into serious business and started in the afternoon. We made vanilla cupcakes with blue icing topped with 100's & 1000's and mini marshmellows! Yum.

What a success! Some of them were a bit burnt.. But they turned out really well, so we were happy! Now time for the icing and decorating! 

Nicole mixing the icing :) 

And viola! Appetising party cupcakes! 
I took four home because Nicole wanted to take some to her friend's house the next day, but they were delicious! It was such a fun day, Nicole, we are definitely baking more often in the future :) 

Anyway, ciao for now!
- S x