10 Jul 2014


photos taken by me
and the photos of me were taken by Sam

Hey everyone! 
So, remember where I mentioned setting an alarm for 4:15am in my last post? Well, these beauties of mother nature was what I was preparing myself for. Vaucluse at sunset and Cronulla at sunrise. It was so worth it and I'm not sure if my photos did the scenery justice. 

I traveled by bus and train to meet my friend Sam at the train station, then head off onto another bus to Cronulla Beach. Funnily, the Cronulla photos were from the sunrise (I would've sorted the photos to be Cronulla then Vaucluse but I already put Vaucluse first in the title photo before I realised eep!) and it was just a beautiful dark orange creeping up from the horizon at first light, and then the sky faded to it's light blue as the sun rose. There were people swimming in the ocean at 5am (it's the middle of winter!) and I honestly wish I was brave enough to jump into the ocean during sunrise too! 

The wait for the sunset (9am-3pm) was spent at my friend Fiona's house, where we basically mucked around for 6 hours, until we had to leave again to head towards Vaucluse. 
Unfortunately, there were clouds blocking the sun so we could only catch a bit of it that peeked out from the clouds. The sky faded slowly from light blue to dark, but oh my gosh, the bay we were at (Shark Bay) was so so nice. It was this small beach that had greeny blue water and sadly I didn't have appropriate clothing or else I would've jumped into the water, though it is actually the perfect beach to visit when the weather gets warmer! Also, how awesome is that sandcastle? It was built upon some rocks at the far side of the bay! 

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed seeing these photos because I sure did enjoy taking photos and witnessing it! 

Hope you're all well,
Ciao for now!
- S x

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  1. Lovely photos, looks like a lot of fun!

    X O


  2. Love the photos from the sunrise/sunset! I'm from Sydney too :D


  3. Woow amazing photos!!


  4. Gorgeous! I don't think I have the energy in me to wake up so early for a sunrise. And glad the weather worked out alright for the sunrise. Unfortunate for the sunset photos.


  5. amazing photos, WOW! great post, dear :)
    Emma xx

  6. These photos are so beautiful Shanni, lovely post :)

    Charlotte xx


  7. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!

  8. Love the photos you tok shanni! Totally breathless! I wish I was also there to witness its beauty!



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