8 Jul 2014


.: shirt c/o killer condo | skirt, eBay | booties, lipstik | cardigan, vintage :.

Hey y'all! 
How have you all been?! It's been awhile.. But unfortunately I've been living off my mobile data + social events + watching way too many shows; I'm a bit guilty for not doing the homework that's packed away in my schoolbag (I have not touched it since the last day of school), BUT HEY, IT'S HOLIDAYS RIGHT? *nervous laughter* 
Nevertheless, I have been doing a bit of exploring these holidays, and man, it is the most satisfying (and tiring) thing ever. One of which was last Thursday, where I went to watch the sunrise at Cronulla and admittedly, I have not properly watched the sun rising up until that day; but it was so beautiful and wow, I also think I slept for the whole day though (oops) and experiencing the tiredness almost makes you want to quit waking up that early EVER AGAIN, but here I am, setting a 4:15am alarm for tomorrow, and yes, it is that worth it. 

Anyway, how rad is this shirt?! I am so glad I have another shirt to add to my (sadly) limited graphic shirt collection (thank you Killer Condo!) and it is usually so hard for me to find graphic shirts that I actually like but pizzas and comfy shirts in one? Yes. Please. 

On the topic of pizzas, what are your favourite pizza toppings? Let me know in the comments!
(I think mine would have to be: meat lovers, garlic prawns and korean bbq chicken!) 

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  1. ahhhh i'm glad you are bACK ^_^ you look lovely lovely

  2. Always love reading your posts! Cute shirt btw and tomatoes, mushrooms and parma ham for me hahaha :D


  3. fav topping: flesh

  4. Glad you're back! That t-shirt is so cool.
    I love garlic prawns too! And cheese is always good.



  5. Love the shirt! xx Looking great as always shanni! :)


  6. I really like this outfit, especially the shirt (which I really want to buy right now). I also have a limited amount of graphic shirt. But anyway, you look great!
    Amber Watson,xoxo.

  7. I love this outfit so much. Like honestly everything about it is kinda perf. If i could rest in pizza, then I would have truly reached heaven.



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