26 Jul 2014


.: shirt c/o killer condo | jacket, vintage | skirt, paper scissors :.

Hey guys! 

My liking for this shirt is largely based around Jenn from clothesencounters and her oversized, smiley print tees. I've always had a thing for the melting design aesthetic and I think this is just a really cheeky shirt
that I've found myself being reminded of the "Smile, you're on camera" surveillance signs in stores.

 I am procrastinating a whole lot lately with my schoolwork and to be honest I am not even sure how the days have passed this week. My days have been an embodiment of peppermint chocolate eating (thanks Effat and Sam for feeding my obsession!), subject selection and formal talk, and a whole lot of angst. One thing I am really glad about is that I have finally settled on subjects I'm picking for year 11, and after a whole lot of indecisiveness over the past few weeks, I am happy with what I've picked (and I sure do hope I enjoy all my subjects next year).

Anywho, I am going to keep this short because I need to continue on with an English research task (well, try to.)
I hope you're all well and smiling!

Ciao for now,
- S x

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  1. The shirt is hella cute and your hair looks amazing! And I'm so happy you decided on those subjects, I'm sure you'll enjoy them, and if you don't you can always switch :) x

    Mel // izzipenelope

  2. Lookin' so rad! I've always loved shirts like this. Enjoy the chocolate peppermint eating! So yum.

    xo, Isabelle


  3. Your shirt is amazing & it's def something Jenn would wear ((:

    not haute


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