3 Jul 2013


(giant pizzas!! they were so amazing) 

 (me and the birthday girl, Brenda!)
.: dress, paper hearts (from a shop called high tide) | wedges, rubi (borrowed from my friend) | clutch, bardot (gifted from brenda herself HAHA for my birthday) | velvet jacket thingo, thrifted :.

HEY GUYS, I am so sorry for not posting for so long! I have been extremely busy and simply had no time to really take any outfit posts. I have also been building up a photography portfolio and have dedicated this school holidays to compile it! I am really excited for the rest of them which include my friends Wendy, Rachael and Anna as my models yay! I have just finished two sets of photos (with my friend Nina) and I will probably share my favourite photos soon! 
ANYWAY, BACK TO THIS POST, yesterday I went to my friend Brenda's (oh gosh I've mentioned so many names in this post, sorry.) birthday party! As you can see from the above photos it included giant pizzas (which is always a plus) and a semi-formal theme! I went with this white dress (I adore the hi-low of the dress and especially the cutouts) that I bought from this store for $10! So worth it. I paired it off with nude heels to keep it simple and this beautiful bird clutch that I have been dying to use! Brenda looked so stunning (she is the other girl pictured with me in the photos) and I just want to wish her a very happy birthday! 

I will be posting very very soon. Stay tuned. 
Keep smiling and be well,
Ciao for now,
- S x 
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  1. You look so nice! I loooove your dress

    Xenia x


  2. oh my gosh, you are so pretty !
    Loveeee the dress :D x

  3. You look so pretty here! love your blog!<3


  4. Aw cutie! Love you, you stunner <3

  5. AWESOME outfit! that dress is beautiful!<3
    Emma xx

  6. I love this outfit! Your lace dress is amazing. xx



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