16 Jul 2013


.: bomber jacket & striped chiffon, valleygirl | shorts, thrifted | creepers, ebay :.

Well, well.. It's back to school for me! Really dreading this term though because I just feel really unmotivated (actually maybe that's me all the time) to do any school work and sometimes I just don't like school because it makes me sort of lose interest in subjects and I might like. Anyway, back to this outfit, I decided to pattern clash today; but I like the look of it since the shirt runs parallel with the jacket so it doesn't really clash as much. And with the outfit following a blue, white and black colour palette I really like this outfit!

Also I bought Marina and the Diamond's Electra Heart album the other day and it is by far one of the best albums ever. I just like the funkiness and sarcastic nature of all the songs and was actually blasting the album while shooting this outfit and Marina is just so sassy and the songs just put me in such a happy mood haha! (You guys should check the songs out!!)

Well I hope you all will have a lovely week and I have a new outfit post coming up soon! 
Keep smiling as always,
- S x 

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  1. Man, school work is just all together un-motivating. I started school today too! I have like 4 assignments to do within afew weeks.
    Anyways, I love your jumper! Its Quite a statement piece!
    Good luck for the rest of the term

  2. You're cute and I love you.

  3. nice outfit!! love the jacket so much <3


  4. Such a cute outfit!! Love!! Also loving Marina and the Diamonds right now, you have a good taste in music!

  5. I love your bomber jacket, the print is really interesting!

  6. love love love the jacket! this is perfect <3


  7. I love Marina! I remember I spent a week just listening to Primadonna.
    Good luck with School! Just remember its only a few weeks and all that.

    Can't wait to see the photos from the shoots you've been doing.

  8. In love with your outift!! So sick..:)


  9. love stripes!

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