29 May 2013


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Hayley Williams: Still Into You outfit

 After watching the music video of this incredibly catchy song, I didn't really think much about her outfit; though after replaying the song over and over again, I realised how quirky and likeable her outfit was, well to me anyway.
I think the more I look at it the more intrigued I am by this outfit and the more I like it, I mean, white DMs and melting tights? The best things ever. I think she works it really well with an idgaf type of attitude and the amount of fun she is having in this music video, along with the poppy pastel colours that give the music video more vibrancy and a tinge of sweetness! Oh, and she is actually wearing this latex dress not a skirt but I couldn't find a decent picture of it so I just used a picture of a pink skirt haha.
Here is the video if you were interested:

Anyway, I thought it was necessary to make this post because I just think this outfit needs to be on here, but I'm off to sleep now so I hope you all stay well and keep smiling as always ♥

Ciao for now, 
- S x


  1. Great blog! Love it!

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  2. I've love this song. It actually reminds me of my current relationship.
    I've actually been stalking the Urb-Clothing tights but in glitter.

    Love the song!


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