7 Oct 2012


As all us Sydneysiders know, (or perhaps Australians) TOPSHOP opened officially on the 4th October, and I took my chance to visit it today!

There were heaps of people here and they even had to use those barricade-ribbon-sort things to guide us through to the entrance, crazy! But I was warmly welcomed in by the sales assistants and they gave me complimentary TOPSHOP totebag. I was amazed by the beauty of the place, the style is mad; a mix of basics, hipster, sophisticated and vintage, like all of the trendy styles right now, mixed in one store! Though I can't imagine myself buying anything from there anytime soon because it is just way too expensive.

Me and my friend had so much fun trying to guess the prices of each piece of clothing we liked, and we were so amusingly shocked at everything that was under $40! But I guess the prices are similar to stores like Sportsgirl, I think the classy-ness and the new-ness is still fresh in people's minds, so it's illusionally better than other stores. 

I think the only things I benefited out of going to TOPSHOP is discovering how many more things I want on my wishlist and how students get a 10% discount all year round, yes! I have put on my bucket list that I need to buy something from TOPSHOP that is over $50, and to be honest, I'd probably be so proud of purchasing it haha, teenage excitement at it's best. 

Anyway, I recommend all of you visit TOPSHOP soon, but maybe go from about 10-11 or in a week or two, when the hype has died down, so you can actually move around at a normal pace! The styles they sell are really wow though, I swear there will be something on your wishlist by the end of the day!

Ciao for now,
- S x


  1. Great photos! I love the fabulous pieces that you captured on camera!

    Suzie Q


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