9 Oct 2012


I am officially fourteen because today (9th October) is my birthday!

I had such an amazeballs day at school and my friends really made me feel so special by bombarding me with presents and even planning a cake for me! I felt so spoilt! I couldn't ask for better friends!
I was smiling so much today and saying 'thank you' so much, it was such a cool experience having my birthday on a school day (because it's usually in a holiday), but I think it's been one of my best birthday's yet!

Got a random from my school to take a photo of me and all my friends that joined me for delicious strawberry cake! And yes, my school uniform is brown; unattractive, I know.

These are only part of the presents my friend's got me, and I will upload pics of them another time because it's night time and the photos look bad!

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a great October the 9th, because I know I did! So far it's the favourite day of the year for me (obviously).

Ciao for now,
- S x


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