26 Oct 2013


.: pineapple playsuit, princess polly (gifted from a friend) | white sandals, lipstik (" " ") | bag, sportsgirl | sunglasses, easter show (lol) :.

This was last Saturday and involved a day of an awesome yard sale and exploring my neighbourhood (for like the thousandth time). 

And to be very honest, whenever I am not in my school uniform, I am wearing this pineapple playsuit. But seriously, who doesn't love a fabulous pineapple printed anything?!
Anyway, I reckon playsuits (especially with funky prints on them) are essential for the coming warm months. They are lightweight and make frolicking in the heat much easier! Almost like you're walking around naked, HAHA. 

One more exam to go! I just completed my textiles one (literally) and I honestly can't wait for the exams to end because I will BE FREE! Well, there's still like 5 more weeks of school to go... But hopefully it will be a bludge. 

I hope you are all well and smiling all the time! 
Ciao for now,
- S x

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  1. I missed out on the yard sales cause I had to work, oh poopface.
    I really wanted to go to the Garage Sale Trail, and its an annual event.
    Oh well, hope your last exam is easy peasy and yay for Summer and playsuits.

  2. This is so lovely!! I love this post!

  3. Oh you trendy little thing xx

  4. Such a cute outfit. I love the pinapple print and the sandals
    Lucia's Loves

  5. I love this! Such a nice print!
    - Charlotte

  6. this is such a perfect summer outfit! your playsuit and shoes are so lovely xo

  7. This is such an adorable outfit! Love the shades! :)

    Dress to Express


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