14 Oct 2013


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Hey guys! A week or two ago I spontaneously made this kimono after buying a whole heap of fabric at a fabric sale (woohoo!), and instead of creating a summery look for this outfit, I decided to think of ways in which a kimono can be worn for night outs, so this is my take on that! I think since kimonos are really flowly/loose you want the rest of your outfit to be rather fitted in order to balance the outfit out and after many clothing changes to figure out what went the best with it, I came to the conclusion high-waisted shorts and a fitted shirt would do perfectly! 
Anyway, right now I am freaking out over the exams that are set for next week and not surprisingly I have not studied and yet I feel like crap for not doing so. 
Also on a happier note, thank you to everyone who said happy birthday to meee, I had the most lovely birthday and GREAT FRIENDS who bought me nice things and wrote me nice things and everything was just very nice and I am so grateful to have the best friends ever. 

I hope everyone has a lovely weeek,
Ciao for now, 
- S x
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  1. Good luck with all your exams!
    And I have a sewing machine, that I wish I used more... probably would save me so much money.

  2. wow, thus is gorgeous! such a great idea to make one, and perfect for summer!
    good luck with your exams x


  3. Lovely outfit/post as usual Shanni! and good luck with your exams, i'm sure you'll do great :)

    Charlotte x


  4. great idea shanni. I love the kimono and also your outfit and style in general xx

  5. Aw you talented girly! Looks sososo good, and best of luck for exams hehe x


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