8 Oct 2013

ROLLING IN THE DEEP (+ mini early birthday photo diary!)

 .: shirt, valleygirl | skirt, kmart | flower crown, DIY :. wearing berry queen by rimmel london 

Hello guys! This is an outfit I wore to an early birthday party my friend Effat organised for me (THANK YOU SO MUCH IF YOU READ THIS HONESTLY ♥) and it was at an Indian restaurant with a room hire + karaoke! Today is the last day of my school holidays and this was actually the best way to spend a last day! 
We had fun singing to awesome songs (almost lost my voice, we sang Rolling In The Deep twice but it was such a highlight), twirling around to the smoke from the smoke machine, eating yum food + cake and JUST REALLY HAD FUN WITH EACH OTHER'S COMPANY! Below is a mini photo diary that captured my night and I had so much fun and am so exhausted right now, I just had to edit this before I sleep! It is already past midnight so yeah. 

Eeek, it's my birthday in 2 days though (the 9th) and I am just feeling very blessed to have so many lovely people celebrating it with me (I also get to watch MA 15+ movies in cinema now, YES! HAHA) and also, tomorrow (the 8th) is the first day of wearing the senior uniform for me and I am feeling neutral towards the uniform change but somewhat terrified I having reached another milestone in my life. 

Anyway, I will probably post again on my birthday but for now, enjoy these photos from the night, below! 

Keep smiling as always, 
- S x

 singing karaoke!

 Effat and Tajnina ♥
 Selfie with Effat  ♥
 Jeanette, me and Karen
 Cake time! WOOHOO! And yes, my cake does say SASS QUEEN (because I am one heh)
Grooooup photo time! 

P.S I hope you enjoyed these photos (If you bothered to read it to this far down) and you will hear from me soon! Love you guys!! ♥
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  1. Super cute outfit, I loooove the mesh style top and the flower crown!

  2. super outfit! happy birthday! love that top though, what a great find for valleygirl x


  3. You're great! Cuties the lot of you x

  4. Happy Early Birthday! I'll be sure to wish you the same on the 9th somewhere.
    Looks like you and your closest knit of friends had the most beautiful day!
    Congratulations on claiming that teenage title! And good luck with being a senior!!

  5. I'm so into these pretty white pleats! And happy birthday! <3

  6. happy belated birthday! nothing better than a bit of karaoke with some friends to celebrate xo


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