8 Sep 2013


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wearing berry queen lipstick by Rimmel 

The best thing about wacky-printed items of clothing is that they are good for lazy days. Because honestly, you just need one patterned piece of clothing and the rest as basic for the outfit to still look effortless even if there was only little effort put into it. 
Do I even need to number this take of my no-parking-sign obsession? I found even more of them today so hopefully I will not run out anytime soon! 
Also I bought this shirt on sale for $11 on romwe! I was so happy because I love this print so much despite its utter randomness but I think I may also be somewhat attracted to things that relate to the classic blue and red 3D glasses. 

Anyway, school has just been annoying because there's two weeks to go until holidays and we are expected to hand in homework and assignments on the last week (boooooooo). I just want it to be the holidays already because I can start on so many things I don't have time for at the moment!

I hope everyone has a lovely week and I'll speak soon! 
Stay well and smile as always,
- S x

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  1. Luv luv luv luv luv luv luv luv gurrrrllll you so groovy x ps you need to stop with the parking signs haha I crave variety

  2. Omg!!! That shirt is beyond cool, one of the funkiest thangsss I have ever seen!! xxx

  3. Those shoes are absolutely a must have. I love this outfit.
    I was planning to order that shirt from romwe but after I've seen
    this, I am going to buy it. Came up with an outfit idea from reading this.

    x yu ; Yuufairy.co.vu

  4. cute outfit girl, love the creepers!

  5. Great look love the shirt very cool!


  6. Gorgeous outfit. You look super gorgeous :)


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