16 Mar 2013


.: shirt, origami doll | shorts, gifted (brand: ally) | headband, sportsgirl :.

Hey guys, this is my day 2 outfit for camp! My friends and I had so much fun taking photos (this included the above of Karen and Joanne :D) for this outfit post haha. I am a bit obsessed with this headband at the moment because it edges up any outfit! It's such a great accessory and me being an anti-headband-wearing person I was surprised that it would look great with everything. 
Oh! And also I took the time to make a tumblr a few weeks ago so you should follow me there for like really pretty photos of stuff! Not really sure what type of tumblr you'd consider it, but just check it out if you're interested haha. 
I will be posting a photo diary soon but I have been stressing out over school way too much and there is so much going on but I can't wait for you guys to see the wonderful time I had in Bathurst!

Anyway, I hope you all have a nice week and keep smiling and all that!
Ciao for now,
- S x


  1. nice!


  2. pretty outfit, i love your headband. Your lay-out is pretty cool btw
    XOXO Irene


  3. Love the headband!
    Nice photographs :)


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