9 Mar 2013


.: camo jacket, gifted from my friend Nicole (who does cadets HAHAHA) | dress overalls, hand-me-down (brand: Mooloola) | shirt, jayjays | creepers, ebay | beanie, asos | stockings, daiso :.

This is my day one outfit for school camp (to Bathurst!). I must thank my friend Nicole who kindly gave me a piece of her official cadets uniform, which also happens to be a timeless trend, HAHAHA. I love it though, especially how its oversized. I also love the school vibes of this outfit, especially in love with these overalls I found the night before in my cousin's closet, I think it's the perfect pattern and the colours are great for the upcoming winter! 
Anyway, my friends Joanne and Jeanette came along with me to shoot these photos (thank you guys!) and this is actually the first time in the history of this blog that I've had someone other than my sister take my photos! We had to be extra quick (and luckily the shots turned out really well) because it would've been so embarrassing if my friends/classmates walked out of their rooms HAHAHA. Oh the things I do for my blog. 

This is Joanne and Jeanette. Aren't they cute?! Hehe I hope they don't kill me for uploading this! xoxo

Bathurst was so splendid! It was nice being away from the city and into a place where about 10 million farms  exist. I shall be posting photos of my time there soon when I've compiled all the nice photos together from the infinite I took. There will also be another Bathurst OOTD (featuring Karen :) and Joanne again) in a few days so I can spread out my posts :) 

Anyway, I hope you are all well and smiling!
Ciao for now,
- S x


  1. Great outfit! I love the camo with the plaid



  2. Cool outfit!
    - Charlotte
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  3. love love lvoe your camo and your friend's overalls!!


  4. love your outfit!
    following you now :D
    hope you'll visit mine hehe


  5. I love the camo jacket..
    yes it's a timeless piece.
    And your creepers! I love them!!

    Sincerely, your new follower ^^


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