6 Mar 2013


Sorry guys for the lack of posts! I have been ultra busy trying to balance out all the school work I have and everything! Arrrrgh, year 9 is hard for now. I hope to post an outfit post soon but I haven't been seeing my sister after school very often lately because I have had a lot of things I've had to do after school these days and stuff, so yeah! I apologize for lack of posts, but I made this mix just for you guys!
Well, it's my playlist at the moment and doesn't really go by any theme but I hope you may discover some new music by it :)

Anyway, to update you on what I've done apart from school work is:
1. I bought a new ASOS beanie!
2. I am heading off to my school camp tomorrow at Bathurst
3. I have been spending my 'me' time watching Mistfits (I love Robert Sheehan ahhh he's so funny)
4. Looking and admiring (but not buying) majority of the things I see online HAHA

Oooh, and here's an exclusive pic of me in my new beanie I posted on my Instagram 

Anyway, please be well and keep smiling! 
I'll be on camp for the next few days but I'll maybe do a photo diary when I get back and an outfit post should be on it's way,

Ciao for now,
- S x


  1. I can relate to you on points 3 and 4 hehe! :D window shopping online is a bitch!


    1. I knoooow! It sucks. But oh well, temptation and nice things are always lingering around haha. And you love Misfits too?! AHH! It is so amazing. Oh my gosh. But scary.

  2. Great playlist! I love a bit of Gabrielle Aplin



    1. Yes! I love her so much; so glad she's getting known in Australia because of Ed Sheeran, she'll so become big! But I bet she's already pretty famous in the UK. What's your favourite song?

  3. year 9 is hard? oh girl wait until you get into senior crap LOL. cherish the moments you still have of youth, and oh also have a great time at camp!


    1. I know, I know, that's what everyone tells me! I hope I can survive through senior years because I am already dying! LOOL. ANd thanks! I did :) xxx

  4. hi, i love your blog layout, just wondering, how did you make this particular layout? x

    1. Oh no! Why are you on anon? I don't biteee! Anyway, I used the black simple template and then just adjusted everything using HTML, made a banner and tab links on photoshop and all that stuff! Idk that was just very brief but ask me as many questions as you want! xx Shanni


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