11 Nov 2012


Today I went to the Newtown Festival with my dear friend Nina! It was so mega fun and we had such an awesome day of dying in the sun, wandering through the many stalls at the festival, looking at the amazing things on King Street + licking our Max Brenners plate clean, chilling at Nina's house and having Vietnamese food for dinner! What a day.

This is how many people there were at about 12 and this is how many people there were at about 2...

How crazy is that?! Imagine losing someone in that crowd. 

Pictures of some of the picture-worthy things at the stalls! There was some amazing stuff, but I didn't buy anything because there wasn't anything I particularly liked so much that I needed to buy, so yeah. 

There were free Iced Tea samples at the festival! It was the Virgin Cocktail range and I really liked the Mojito one, anyway, this was Nina's favourite part because there was a free photo booth at the stall! I look like a total idiot in the last one because I was staring at something on the floor and then the photo was taken... Oops. And even though Nina was laughing at me in the last one she still looked gorgeous!

So after about 3 hours of browsing (I don't even know why we took that long!) we decided to browse stores on King Street and eat at Max Brenners, it was so delicious we literally licked the plate clean and we looked totally uncivilised! Oh well, at least we enjoyed it. 

Our day continued further by going to Nina's house! Here are some pictures of her room because it is so pretty, she has motivated me to start organising my stuff.

And then heart bokeh of her fairy lights because I was showing her how it's done :) 

Well, those are basically some of the photos from our day, and now I am so exhausted, but I had such an enchanting time! 
I hope you guys have had a lovely weekend,

Ciao for now, 
- S x


  1. I love the picture of the bags!

  2. Oh wow... Lipton virgin cocktails, Mojito... Work experience... City buses... It's all coming back


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