5 Nov 2012


Hello once again, yes I know, two posts in one day but whatever! I promised Anna I'd make a post on our lovely day and here it is.
So, me and Anna went to the city after school today and we (well, I) decided that it'll be a good idea to change into some casual clothes because our uniform is brown and yeah just already sounds unattractive, but indeed it is a very unattractive uniform. We had loads of fun wandering around the city looking at pretty clothing and eating MOOCHI (frozen yoghurt) and I bought 2 things!

I bought a pair of $5 earrings (from EQUIP, the place where I buy almost all my earrings from because there are really amazing things in their sale stock) and some false lashes because I just felt I needed some to add to my make-up stash.
Anyway, as I said in my previous post you'll be meeting Anna, so here are the selfies we took near MYER...

How gorgeous is her smile! Well, I really should be doing some homework because I've been editing photos all night so ciao for now!

- S x


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