5 Nov 2012


.: hat, rubi (from my friend Tina hehe) | chiffon top, valleygirl | velvet skirt, diy :.

Hey guys! I've had such a splendid post-exam time making a skirt! A few of my friends have mentioned me posting a tutorial for how I made it, but unfortunately I didn't make it straight from my own brain (too amateur for that HAHA), I used fashiononymous' video tutorial to guide me; though I really do have some DIY projects that are up on my list that I will construct for you guys, and hopefully someone will watch/read them!
Today I went shopping with my beautiful friend Anna after school and this is what I wore (minus the hat)! I am actually in love with floppy hats because they suit almost every occasion. They can give you a summery look and is absolutely great to wear to the beach, they can give you a sophisticated look if paired with black maxi skirt/dress or it could just be worn casually on a sunny day with shorts and a top or something. Floppy hats are just great, and thanks to my other beautiful friend Tina for buying it for me for my birthday! Haha.

Anyway, I am actually just in love with the velvet skirt I made because navy is an amazing colour and because I made this all by myself and things always feel better when you make them yourself, don't you think? I think this skirt has gotten me in the mood to make more clothes :)

Okay, enough of my ramblings, I hope you all have had a really great day and keep smiling!
Ciao for now,
- S x

P.S Will be posting what I bought today + selfies + you will meet Anna. She is amazayn.

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