1 Nov 2012


.: shoes, from a friend | dress, valleygirl:.

Happy (post) Halloween! Unfortunately I didn't go trick-or-treating this year (or maybe that's a good thing so I can't get tempted by sugary lollies :P) though I really wanted to go! Oh well. Anyway, I was actually planning to do a casual look today but it somehow lead me to getting inspiration to look like some ghost/vampire and dancing around with 22 (by Taylor Swift) pumping loud. Trust me, dancing around looking like you've died 150 years ago is actually really fun, in my opinion that is.

I don't actually know who I am, though I thought I look liked some teenage girl that died from murder and was creeping back for revenge, but now I'm not too sure, opinions? 

My school is actually celebrating the spookiness next Thursday by holding a civi day (free dress day with a theme + gold coin donation to raise money for charity) and of course the theme is Halloween but I am going to dress up as a shadowhunter (a type of race from my favourite series' The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices) with my friend because we are obsessive fans like that.

+ my exams are over! Hooray! Now I can just sit back and rest before I need to stress over how bad my exam marks were.

Anyway, hope everyone has been having a wonderful week!

Ciao for now, 
- S x


  1. GAAAH I am in love with Taylor's new album! and 22 is crazy catchy hahahaha :)

    1. yes! I absolutely adore the album though some of the songs I don't listen to as much as the rest. What are your favorites? I have so many ahhh


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