25 Sep 2014


.: sweater, american apparel (via glebe market) | jeans, topshop | booties, lipstik :.

Hey everyone! 

I found these photos within some neglected folder on my computer and on second glance I decided that I'd post them, so here they are! Anyway, I LOVE MARKET FINDS. LIKE ACTUALLY. I scored this American Apparel sweater in the post for $15!! 
I've have been getting quite a few questions about where I go thrifting and stuff like that over on my ask.fm  and I really recommend going to Glebe markets for anyone else who was wondering! And to you non-Sydneysiders, going to markets in trendy suburbs is probably the equivalent of this. People who have clothing stalls there are usually young adults who have a pretty good clothing taste and sell their preloved (or even new) clothes for reasonable prices! 
I personally think it's a great way to get clothing since the pieces I've gotten from the markets have been things I wear quite regularly.

Holidays have kicked in but the time is going by so fast! The first week is almost over and I am crying figuratively at how unproductive I have been ha. Today I got my mind off things with a trip to karaoke with my primary school group (love you guys lots and it was so great hanging out again! ^_^) and have procrastinated writing this blog post all night oops. 

I hope you all have a good weekend!
Stay well and keep smiling,
- S x

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  1. 1sttttttttt
    (haha beat you to it Summer)

  2. Love! You rocked this outfit :)


  3. shannnniiiiii!!!!!!! i love you so much <3
    (sam get out i've been here forever since the beginning before shanni and i were even friends before u even existed i have consistency what have u got to back up ur big talk i am her #1 fan since forever through the thick and thin this is a comment war shanni im so sorry but my inner keyboard warrior self can't take this)
    this is so shabby-chic (lmao i am talking like you are furniture sorry) but glam i love it ^_~ and your face (esp in pic number one) is soooo cute ♡

    1. Sorry Summer, truth is, Shanni is mine; I bought her from Effat on a Sunday morning at this not-at-all-dodgy market. This is quite a long story so I won't bother telling you all of it, I'll save it for another day. If you require more proof, I've got the paperwork in my left hand side pocket and I am glad to send you an email with it attached. Or via traditional mail if you prefer. But yes continuing on, don't lie to us, you are obviously not her #1 fan you obviously love kpop more than her so therefore i love her more than you, in fact, my love cannot be represented; it's immeasurable - beyond infinity. if you dont believe me u can 1v1 me I R L or we can settle this with best of three fan fiction write-off as long as i can write about things like Counter-Strike. I hope this is all over Summer and we are on good terms.

    2. Ok i'll accept your number one fan status since you are her formal date, however i am pretty sure slavery (which wikipedia defines to be a system under which people are treated as property) was abolished by Great Britain our beloved mother nation over 200 years ago. Assuming Shanni has no complaints however i will tolerate this, but i will draw the line if you keep Shanni on a leash or in a cage because that's frankly creepy. Nonetheless I am very much up for a fan fiction write off, though i think we should write instead about one another's topic or prompt in the sake of fairness. I am morally opposed to violence so i refuse a 1v1 unless its on runescape wildy no pray n00b. I appreciate your correspondence and look forward to a peaceful settlement of differences.

    3. Hey Summer, I'm glad to hear from you again. Just to clarify, no Shanni is not kept on a leash OR in a cage, I actually strongly support animal rights. Yes that's a good idea, why not have a PVP battle! I will make sure to bring my goblin mail and scimitar. Otherwise we could settle on another offline alternative.

      (Okay maybe that was a bit rude HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA sorry couldnt come up with anything strong)

    4. I'm thoroughly reassured to hear such. But, goblin mail and scimmy. Beyond weak. I'll bring my dragon battle-axe, see you there! Oh, but are you sure you can get all the way from lumbridge to the wildy **cue newbie melody** ((sidenote i just played it omg i'm tearing up what a time of my life HAHAHAHA)) I can send someone to escort you if you feel that will be necessary. All things considered, I think my superiority and inevitable win may render this battle needless if you simply surrender. I will of course allow you to keep Shanni with hopes that this matter may be thus settled.

      ((my comebacks are weakening too don't even worry HAHAHA ps sorry shanni i love you ^_^))

    5. You better make sure you have your shark meat ready because this will not be an easy duel. Oh no, I have no problem getting there, I just go by Draynor Manor while I listen to Still Night, All's Fairy in Love and War and unfortunately Barbarianism as I pass the village. The only difficult part is collecting all your loot once I have slain you.

      LOL JK
      I don't care about Sharnz

  4. Hi, I love your style, you look so great and 'simple' :)


  5. Loving your jeans!

    xoxo, Vi

  6. sooo gorgeous! you always look stunning!
    Emma xx


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