13 Sep 2014


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Despite a dark outfit to further welcome spring, I have finally found sandals that I actually like to wear when the days are hotter! I got these sandals online from Cotton On and I reckon the price being $40 is reasonable and definitely a whole lot cheaper than the other popular brands there are nowadays. 

Anywho, lately I have been in admiration of a couple of things: starting a dream journal, black fineliners, poetry slams and herbal Meet Fresh desserts! Just this week, I finally started a dream journal after having it at the back of my mind for so long. I bought mini Moleskine books to write in and since then I have been updating it whenever I can remember a dream. I've always had this weird strong interest in dreams in general and yeah starting a journal has been pretty rad.
Now, poetry slams. Oh my goodness in English we have been studying poetry for this term and after some lessons we'd watch poetry slams and they've caught enough of my interest for me to search a few up at home. Here are some of my favourites: Mu(sick) by Madiha Bhatti | For My Daughter by Sarah Kay | When Love Arrives by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye.
They are so awesome and really well rehearsed performances! Check 'em out! 

I hope you all have a great week!
Ciao for now,
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  1. Luuuv your sandals! I'm all about dressing dark for spring, it's so classic! A dream journal sounds like such a great idea, I might start one because some of my dream are corkers haha! xox


  2. Really like your outfit! I think the kimono really adds a nice touch to it. And oh my god I swear I've been thinking about starting a dream journal for past couple months! I thought it was kind of an odd thing to do but now when I see I'm not alone in this weird obsession with dreams I might actually do it!

  3. ahh this outfit is rocking ^^ i especially love your shirt!!!!! keep up your dream journal ~

  4. I really need to get that TopShop crop top (so much rhyming haha). I think it was Kennerz who introduced me to poetry slams and, all of a sudden, poetry didn't seem so bland and boring. I always go back to Sarah Kay's 'For My Daughter'. Love the post!

    Mel x

  5. Love the outfit, the top is perfect! Great blog :)



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