26 Apr 2014


.: top, thrifted | shorts, eBay | booties, lipstik | army jacket, from a friend :. 

Yes, I know, I am guilty for wearing these booties in the past 3 blogposts, but honestly I have not worn any other shoes out since I got them. They are so comfortable after wear and they are definitely my autumn (and probably winter) staples. As for the rest of my clothes.. I find it hard to pick staples for seasons because seriously, Australian weather is so damn unpredictable; one day can be a gloomy and the next will be a full blast of sunshine, what even? Though, I must admit there are pros to this, it means that I don't have to sort my wardrobe out all year round and I can still wear my favourite summer pieces in winter and vice versa! 

School is next week, and I can't believe I am already saying this. Holidays passed by so quick and I am dreading school so much. It will be ridiculously hard to get myself out of holiday mode. Ugh.

Nevertheless, I hope you all have a great weekend! 
Stay well and keep smiling,
- S x 

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  1. Fabulous!


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  2. I love this outfit! I swear your photos are always so high quality and editorial looking!



  3. Cool! I really need a shorts like this TvT


  4. Love it! You look so cool and casual!

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    Stay fancy!
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