13 Apr 2014


.: sweater, valleygirl | skirt, paper scissors | boots, lipstik :.

My hair is so untamed in these photos, and maybe that isn't the best way to showcase a new haircut but nevertheless, shorter hair y'all! Pretty much just a trim but I feel like I am missing my longer hair already (not missing the feeling of dead ends though.) 
Sweater weather came around faster than I thought it would, with rain and cloudiness practically everyday. I'm not complaining about the fact that I can wear sweaters, like, all the time though, especially this one I bought from valleygirl recently. It's a versatile colour and it's just simple, and I just love it.
Battling the rainy days have also been made better with this umbrella, and yes, it's a freaking sky with clouds on the inside; I never knew promotional umbrellas could be this rad.

Anyway, it's finally holidays! It still hasn't hit me yet, still having to hand in an essay tonight, eek! I better go and complete it. I hope you all have a lovely week though!

Ciao for now,
S x
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  1. love this outfit! I've been contemplating buying those exact boots, are they comfy to wear?



  2. this look is gorgeous and your hair looks lovely dont even worry ^^

  3. I love your style! :)


  4. This is beautiful, Shanni! I love that sweater, especially the colour!



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