19 Jan 2014


.: dress, elle tassy | boots, therapy (via shoe box) :.

I feel like this dress would probably be what I'd wear to a festival/concert or maybe even a roadtrip outfit with an added floppy hat. It's lightweight, has amazing back cut-outs and really flowy; I can't help but feel carefree and spontaneous whilst wearing it! This is why I have interlinked this outfit with the song 1983 by Neon Trees because that song has literally been the bane of my existence for the past month and makes me really hyper and happy. 

Anyway, I am currently trying my hardest to block out any thoughts relating to school for the past few days because, yes, school is creeping up in less than a fortnight. How tragic. *tries to repress miserable thoughts* 

ON A HAPPIER NOTE, I hope all of you have been having lovely holidays!! I have been spending my days recovering by reading magazines, listening to music on loudspeaker (really loudly) and drinking decaf iced coffees! 

Stay well and keep smiling,
- S x

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  1. love this dress! you look super lovely in these shots. I'm not looking forward to school either... seems like the holidays have gone far too quickly!


  2. I love how you pair that dress with those boots! Now I really want a pair myself!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  3. Your smiles is a good smile, you can get past those terrible memories. And you can start making the most of the last few days, go on a few more adventures and take that dress out with youuuu!


  4. Ah so cute~ you look really healthy and bright, its good to see you doing better x

  5. This dress is lush, so summery! Ahh that sucks about school, I so wish I was on summer holidays right now but no:( Its rainy winter yay! xox

  6. this is the cutest dress ever! i'd love to have it for summer here, so that i could wear it to festivals!

  7. ohh my godness! love these photos SO much, you look incredibly beautiful! <3 and the outfit is flawless (as always), that dress is more than gorgeous! <3
    love love love this post!

    Emma xx

  8. Wow nice dress (best one maybe)


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