9 Jan 2014


wearing: floppy hat from Rubi, shorts from Valleygirl and shirt from a small boutique

The Beach

On Our Lunch Break

Roaming The Residential Area

Going Back Home! 

photos were mostly taken by Fiona and I took a few :) 

The 6th of January involved travelling out of Sydney and into Stanwell Park by train! It was a slightly spontaneous trip but it was so good to go somewhere new (and being out of Sydney was a relief because same old everything)
Fiona and I started off by visiting the beach and being the prepared people we were, we went on this trip both wearing converses (only because we thought we'd be walking a lot and weren't thinking about a beach day) and in the midst of us getting our photo taken by the beach, the water washed up high onto the tide and got both our feet wet! So we had to continue our day in damp shoes and socks.
Next, we took a lunch break and had it at a really nice cafe called Palms Cafe (which I would really recommend if heading there!). We chose the slow-roasted honey mustard beef on damper and IT WAS SO DELICIOUS, I personally think food is the highlight of travelling to new places and this place did not let me down.
Then we basically roamed the neighbourhood and just looped around until we got back to the train station and we took a train back home!
It was such a fun trip and despite walking around with wet shoes I really enjoyed going somewhere different woohooo.

ALSO, since this is a new year I would like to ask for suggestions for post ideas and/or questions you may have! So (not sure how many people actually read this blog but) if you have anything feedback or ideas for me to improve my blog OR if you have any questions that I can accumulate for a FAQ kinda page in the future then please leave them in the comments or my ask.fm!

(and love you for sticking around with me and reading my blog ♥)

Stay well and keep smiling! 
Ciao for now,
- S x

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  1. aw this sounds so fun! I love going on adventures like this, it's good to like discover more around where you live. I love it! as for suggestions, I have no clue, I struggle enough with my own ideas ha! x


  2. cute photos of you :)


  3. Such a gorgeous place! I would love to go to beach around now...seems so peaceful (:
    Loving that cat top!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  4. Love your matching floppy hats, so cute! Looks like a great beach day, and fairly empty even though it's summer!

    xo freshfizzle


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