25 Apr 2013

WHO SAYS (+ mini photo diary!)

.: shirt, mum's | jeans, wrangler (hand-me-down) | belt, thrifted | shoes, valleygirl :. 
wearing lipstick 'Berry Queen' (Rimmel) photos taken by nicole

On Monday, my friend Nicole and I had a browse around Surry Hills, and honestly I love it so much! I love it even more than I love Newtown, if that's even possible. We took the time to go to American Apparel, One Teaspoon and all these other cute boutiques on Crown St! Sadly, I didn't buy anything (everything was out of my budget //sobbing) but I did eat the best Chicken Schnitzel burger ever in this little cafe. Gosh it was good. Anyway, I've put together a little photo diary (well, mostly the pretty interior of One Teaspoon), so enjoy! 

Nicole and a cool wall!
 The front of One Teaspoon (a bunch of interior photos below!)

 From their little backyard type thing!
 Chicken Schnitzel burger I had for lunch!
An American Apparel advertisement type thing (I love their design aesthetic ahhh)

Well, that is all for now! Stay well and keep smiling and yeah!
Ciao for now,
- S x


  1. You look gorgeous and it seems like you had fun! Beautiful photography xoxo

  2. your brogues are PERFECTION! I already have something like, 4 pairs of brogues, but I still want more ehehe.

    Perfect outfit, it is ideal for exploring places around town

    xx Carina

  3. I love Crown St. You should explore Oxford St!
    It has the same vibe there too.


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