12 Dec 2012


Hey guys! As we all know, Christmas is so close! I have found a couple of wrapping related DIYs you might like to have a look at (and possibly make!) so you can get creative for the presents you send out this year!

1. How to wrap using cloth

This is such a great way to give presents! As soon as I saw this post on Facebook, I immediately thought I should share it with you guys. It's a good way to dig out your old bandanas and give that vintage touch to your presents!

2. How to sew a gift bag

This is a nice tutorial if you see some really nice festive fabric that you are dying to use for something christmas-y! Click here to go to the tutorial or the image above :)

3. 40 Free Christmas Printables

Here are some really artsy printables that are great for Christmas parties and gift tags! Click here for the link or on the image above.

Anyway, that's all I have! I hope everyone is well and I'll post soon when I have the time to make an outfit post!
Ciao for now, 
- S x


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