15 Jun 2013


.: wallflower dress, casper & pearl | booties, rubi :.

I don't usually buy dresses nowadays, because they only come in one piece (you can't mix n match them as much as skirts) and I rarely find ones I really (extremely) love. Then I came across this dress, the perfect dress ever. Embroidery, check; flowy, check; whimsical-looking, check; the list is endless. I am such a big fan of both embroidery and fashion so having them both together in one is just like a dream come true. 
And that just brings me to Casper & Pearl, which is by far by favourite brand; there is not a piece in their collection that I don't like and the people seem so lovely too! Anyway, I think everyone should check them out and if this post didn't convince you, I don't know what would! 
(Also this is most definitely not affiliated, I just adore the brand!)
Well, I hope everyone is having the most lovely week and there is a new outfit post coming up real soon! 
And thank god the holidays are coming up. 
Stay well and keep smiling! 
Ciao for now,
S x


  1. You are ridiculously perfect <3 You look so good, and I love how the dress is both cute and classy xx

  2. Wow can't believe you bought a dress for $129! You look amazing in it nonetheless xx

  3. Looove that dress. I love Casper and Pearl and I have been eyeing up this beauty for ages! It looks so good on you

    Xenia x



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