25 Jul 2015


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Hey everyone!
This was taken on the ramp leading down to my apartment carpark and I'm in love with the minimalist and industrial look that it produces. The lighting is always great there and I only realised the absolute potential for this location when shooting photos of Nina in May earlier this year. I'm really confused at how these Aldi trolleys (I live no where near an Aldi) ended up in my carpark, but hey they make a really good photo prop!
Over the past few weeks I've inched into being a TV junkie, I caught up with Suits (am in love with this show so far, the characters never cease to interest me), watched the whole of Fresh Off The Boat (hilarious, somewhat relatable to all you Asians out there), Freaks and Geeks (had post-F&G-depression after finishing this, definitely lived up to expectations) and lastly, a couple episodes of Parks and Recreation which hits my sense of humour right on the spot! Really recommend any of these shows!

Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing week,

Ciao for now,
- S x

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  1. Love the outfit! The vibes of these photos are awesome xx (I think i need those kinds of jeans too they look really cool!!)


  2. WOW this look is too cool :> keep your tummy warm though and don't get sick!

  3. no scary security guards chasin you down?? also planning on stealing that velvety coat hehe ;) x

  4. You have such an independent style!

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