13 Jun 2015


.: jacket, vintage | dress, don't ask amanda | booties, lipstik :.

It's the start of winter here in Sydney but I swear these photos reflect the passing autumnal season. 
I've been snuggling up in my mum's vintage outerwear and coats for the past few weeks and digging up goods from her wardrobe is actually such a satisfying feeling. Not to mention the clothes are warm as heck too. 
When I think back on the last couple of weeks, there's nothing that particularly stands out to me. Life has been rather dull recently which isn't necessarily a bad thing because I guess it's given me time to think about starting some new projects. I've really loved using Pinterest and I'm so annoyed that I didn't decide to start using it earlier! I used to think it was pointless since I had Tumblr already but literally it is the greatest way to sort out project ideas and inspiration in neat groups. If you guys wanna see what I've been brainstorming upon, check it out here -->  https://www.pinterest.com/shannisun/  and I'll make sure to follow any of you back ^_^
I've also been doing some fun personal photoshoots with my friends as well which I am thinking of a way to display sometime in the future. Would you guys be interested in seeing shoots I take of other people? Let me know !!

I hope you all have a lovely week! I'm off to school camp tomorrow and I'm quite excited!
Ciao for now,
- S x

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  1. aiyoo isnt your tummy cold??

  2. You are very pretty. Nice post!


  3. Love how you edit your pictures! So in love with your style as well!



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